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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

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The Hasty Gourmetô Low Salt Favorites

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Soups & Stews


The following is a partial list of products that are low in sodium (amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis). Additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. Online resources for products are listed in the Links section.


Bouillon, Broths & Bases


(1 cup unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Campbell's Chicken Broth, LS (140mg)
    Health Valley
      Beef Broth, FF, NSA (120mg)
      Chicken Broth, NSA (130mg)
    Imagine Organic Chicken Broth, LS (95mg)
      Beef Broth, LS (140mg)
      Vegetable Broth, LS (140mg)
    Natureís Promise Chicken, LS (140mg)
    Pacific Natural
      Chicken Broth, LS (140mg)
      Vegetable Broth, LS (140mg)
      Chicken Broth, FF, LS (60mg)
      Organic Chicken Broth, FF, LS (100mg)

Concentrated, Cubed & Powdered:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Bernard Soup & Gravy Base, Beef or Chicken (10mg)      
    Croyden House LS Instant, Chicken (5mg)
    Herb-Ox Beef or Chicken Bouillon, LS (5mg) Review
    Home Again SF Beef or Chicken Base (0mg)
    Millerís Chicken Base, LS, 1 tsp (10mg)
    Orrington Farms Chicken Base, LS, 1 tsp (15mg)
      Vegetable, LS, 1/2 tsp (5mg)     
      Beef or Chicken Base, Very LS (35mg)
    Wylerís Beef or Chicken Bouillon, SF (0mg)




(1 cup unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Health Valley Chunky Chili
      Mild Vegetarian, NSA (75mg)   
      Spicy Vegetarian, NSA (75mg) Review
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Frontier Soups Ski Country Chili (15mg)
      Calif Gold Rush White Bean Chili (25mg)
    Slow Cooker Gourmet Chili Mix (15mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
 Ass Kickiní
      Chili Fixinís (75mg)
      Green Chili & Corn Stew (110mg)
    Dixie Diner Dusty Roads Chili Mix (124mg)
    Hurst HamBeens Chili Beans (70mg)
    Slow Cooker Gourmet Texas Roadhouse Chili (45mg)

Chili Seasoning Mix:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Harvest Direct Soy Chili Mix, 1 oz mix (1mg)
    New Traditions Chili Mix, 1 tsp mix (0mg)
    WhoopAss Chili Mix, 1 oz mix (40mg)




(1 cup unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Campbellís Split Pea, LS, 1 can (30mg)
    Goldís Borscht, Unsalted, 6 oz (30mg)
    Health Valley Organic
      Lentil, NSA (25mg)
      Black Bean, NSA (25mg)
      Mushroom Barley, NSA (25mg)
      Potato Leek, NSA (35mg)
      Tomato, NSA (35mg)
    Manischewitz Borscht, Unsalted (35mg)
    Rokeach Borscht, Unsalted (35mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
 Campbellís Review
      Chunky Vegetable Beef, LS, 1 can (50mg)
      Cream Of Mushroom, LS, 1 can (60mg)
      Tomato w/Tomato Pieces, LS, 1 can (90mg)
      Chicken w/Noodles, LS, 1 can (140mg)
    Health Valley Organic
      Vegetable, NSA (40mg)
      Minestrone, NSA (40mg)
      Split Pea, NSA (115mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Mushroom, NSA (40mg)
      Vegetable, NSA (45mg)
      Pea, NSA (50mg)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Bean Cuisine Louisiana Cajun Bean (0mg)
      Mediterranean Ministrone (0mg)
      13 Bean Bouillabaise or Lots of Lentil (0mg)
      Island Black Bean (0mg)
      White Bean Provencial (0mg)
      Split Pea (5mg)
      Utima Pasta Fagioli (5mg)
    Bobís Red Mill
      13 Bean, 1/2 cup mix (15mg)
      Vegi Soup Mix, 1/2 cup mix (30mg)
    Delicať Pantry Slow Cooker Soup
      Caribbean Black Bean (5mg)
      Farmerís Hearty Split Pea (5mg)
      Grandpaís Favorite Beef Barley (25mg)
      Grandmaís Italian Pasta e Fagioli (25mg)
      Manhattan Style Clam Chowder (35mg)
      Thai Curry Lentil (35mg)
    Frontier Soups
      Carolina Asparagus Almond (3mg)
      PA Woodlands Mushroom Barley (6mg)
      Mississippi Delta Tomato Rice (7mg)
      VA Blue Ridge Cream of Broccoli (8mg)
      South of the Border Tortilla (10mg)
      Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle (25mg)
      New Orleans Jambalaya (30mg)
      Georgia Pines Golden Peanut (35mg)
    Just Delicious Foods
      Minestrone (0mg)
      Seafood Chowder (0mg)
      Albondigas (0mg)
      Chicken Rice & Curry Spice (1mg)
      Golden Corn Chowder (1mg)
      Red Lentil (4mg)
      Barley Beef (5mg)
      Navy Bean (7mg)
      Split Pea (10mg)
      Chicken Vegetable (10mg)
      Black Beans & Rice (20mg)
      Tortilla (32mg)
    Kedem Vegetable Mix (30mg)
    Rabbit Creek Gourmet
      Torilla Soup (16mg)
      Country Bean (20mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Canterbury Naturals Black Bean & Pasta Mix (80mg)
    Delicať Pantry Slow Cooker Soup U.S. Senate Bean (40mg)
    Dixie Diner Creme of Mushroom Soup & Gravy Mix (133mg)
      Noodleman Noodle LS (95mg)
      Onion LS (115mg)
    Goya 16 Bean (85mg)
    Hurst's HamBeens
      15 Bean, 6 oz (70mg)
      Cajun 15 Bean, 6 oz (100mg)
    Manischewitz Vegetable w/Mushrooms (70mg)

Soup Seasoning Mix:
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Bobís Red Mill Bean Soup Seasoning (56mg)

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