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Raising Sodium Awareness



The following products have less than 140mg sodium per serving. Amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis. This is a partial list of items, additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods.

  > Chips & Nibblers
> Crackers
> Diet, Energy & Nutritional Bars
> Dip & Spreads
  > Nuts & Seeds
> Popcorn
> Pretzels
> Rice & Popcorn Snacks
(1 oz unless noted)
Corn & Tortilla Chips:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Little Bear Corn Chips (0mg)
      Blue Chips, NSA (10mg)
    Blue Farm Blue Corn Chips, NSA (0mg)
    Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn, NSA (10mg)
    Guiltless Gourmet Unsalted Yellow Corn Chips (26mg) Review

  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Blue Chips (60mg)
      Red, White, or Yellow Chips (65mg)
    Cucina del Norte Yellow Corn Triangles (70mg)
    Garden of Eatin’
      Blue chips (60mg)
      Mini Corns, all (60mg)
      Little Soy or Sunny Blues (70mg)
      Black Bean Corn (70mg)
      Red, White, or Yellow Chips (70mg)
      Sesame Blues (90mg)
    Naturally Preferred Yellow Corn (40mg) Review
    Nature's Promise
      Natural Blue (60mg)
      Natural Yellow (65mg)
    Que Pasa, all varieties (42mg) Review
    Rosa Mexicana All Natural (75mg)
    Tostitos Natural, Blue or Yellow Corn (80mg)
Fruit Chips:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Banana chips, most brands (2mg)
    Pear (10mg)
    Apple (15mg)
    Cinnamon Pear (15mg)
Potato Chips:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Barbara’s Bakery Unsalted (20mg)
    Kettle Chips NS (10mg)
    Michael Seasons Reduced Fat, Unsalted (10mg)
    Seneca Cinnamon Sweet Potato (30mg)
    Snyder’s of Hanover Unsalted (0mg)
    Terra Sweet Potato, NSA (10mg)
    Utz NS (5mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Kettle Chips Lightly Salted (110mg)
    Michael Seasons Thick & Crunchy, Unsalted (75mg)
      Yukon Gold Onion & Garlic (65mg) Review
      Jalapeno Sweet Potato (65mg)
      Sea Salt White & Russett (65mg)
      Red Bliss Fine Herbs (70mg)
      Terra Chips Original (70mg)
      Yukon Gold, 50% Less Fat (80mg)
      Red Bliss Sun-Dried Tomato (85mg)
      Yukon Gold Barbecue (90mg)
      Sea Salt White, Russet & Blue (90mg)
      Regular (95mg)
      Kettle Classics (95mg)
      Wavy (95mg)
      Ripple (95mg)
Other Crunchies & Nibblers:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Burns & Ricker Garlic Bagel Chips (30mg)
    Nu-World Foods
      Amaranth Snackers, Chili Lime (10mg)
    Organic Garden
      Soynutty Crunchies Unsalted, 1/4 cup (4mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
   Oriental mix, rice based, most brands (117mg)
    Burns & Ricker Party Mix (38mg)
      Baked Pita Chips, Plain (100mg)
      Baked Pita Chips, Crispy Cinnamon (140mg)
    New York Style
      Plain Bagel Chips (70mg)
      Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Chips (80mg)
      Pita Chips, Maple Cinnamon (90mg)
      Mini Bagel Chips, Cinnamon Raisin (115mg)
    Nu-World Foods Amaranth S
        BBQ Sweet & Sassy, 1 cup (36mg)
        BBQ Hot & Spicy, 1 cup (47mg)
        French Onion, 1 cup (56mg)
        Garden Burst, 1 cup (69mg)
      Mini Ridges:
        Sun-Dried Tomato Basil (65mg)
        Rosemary Basil (77mg)
    Old London
      Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Snacks, 0.5 oz (65mg)
    Organic Garden Soynutty Crunchies
      Chocolate Carousel, 0.8 oz (84mg)
    Roberts American Gourmet
      Cocoa Booty (80mg)
      Pirate’s Booty w/Caramel (90mg)
      Chaos or Wheat-Free Chaos (100mg)
    Snyder’s of Hanover
      Unsalted Nibblers (50mg)
      CheddAirs (90mg)
      Honey Mustard & Onion Nibblers (95mg)
    Weight Watchers Cheese Curls, 0.5 oz (85mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
There are many low-sodium crackers, the following have less than 100mg per serving.

  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Casabe Rainforest Gluten Free, all (avg) (17mg)
    Dare Bremmer LS Wafers (10mg)

     Foods Alive
      Golden Flax, Maple & Cinnamon (15mg)
      Whole Wheat, Unsalted, 8 (0mg)
      Brown Rice or Sesame, Unsalted, 7 (0mg)
    Nabisco Ritz Crackers, LS (35mg) Review
    Upper Crust
      Sesame Pepper Crostini, 1 (5mg)
      Blue Cheese & Walnut, 1 (35mg)

  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Bisca Organic Water Crackers (85mg)
Reduced Fat/Sodium (55mg)
Cabaret (70mg)
    Ener-G Sesame (80mg)
    Health Valley
      Bruschetta Vegetable, NSA (40mg)
      Rice Bran (70mg)
      Oat Bran (80mg)
    Heavenly Desserts Gourmet, 0.8 oz (38mg)
      Brown Rice, 7 (45mg)
      Onion & Garlic, 7 (45mg)
      Whole Wheat, LS, 8 (50mg)
    Keebler Town House, LS (80mg)
    Kemach Snackers, Unsalted, 9 (80mg)
    Nabisco Review
    Triscuits, LS, 1 oz (75mg)
    Wheat Thins, LS, 1 oz (75mg)
    Nairns Stem Ginger Wheat-Free (60mg)
    O’Coco’s Baked Choc Crisps (50mg)
    Partners, all varieties (60mg) Review
    Pepperidge Farm
      Goldfish, Cheddar Cheese Baked, LS (88mg)
      Distinctive Butter Thins (95mg)
      Cracker Quartet (95mg)
    Private Harvest
      Spicy Italian Cheese Bruschetta (65mg)
    Red Oval Farms
      Stoned Wheat Thins, Lower Sodium (70mg)

Crispbread & Flatbread:
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Crispbread, rye, most brands, 0.5 oz (37mg)
    Norweigan flatbread, most brands, 0.5 oz (38mg)
Graham Crackers:
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Chocolate, most brands (82mg)
     Health Valley
      Amaranth (80mg)
      Oat Bran (80mg)
      LF Cinnamon Crisp (140mg)
      Cinnamon Crisp (140mg)
      New Morning Mini Bites, Chocolate (110mg)
     Pepperidge Farm
      Goldfish Choc, 1 pouch, 0.7 oz (75mg)
      Cinnamon, 1 pouch, 0.7 oz (85mg)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Matzo, plain, NSA, most brands (1mg)
    Whole wheat, NSA, most brands (1mg)
    Egg, NSA, most brands (6mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Egg & Onion (81mg)
Melba Toast:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Devonsheer Unsalted, all varieties, 0.5 oz (0mg)
    Grille’ Toast No Sodium, 0.5 oz (6mg)
    Old London Unsalted, most varieties, 0.5 oz (0mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
Plain, 0.5 oz (56mg)
    Old London Salted, most varieties, 0.5 oz (85mg)
Rice Crackers & Other Thins:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Rice Crackers, unsalted, most brands, 0.5 oz (0mg)
    Rice Crackers, salted, most brands, 0.5 oz (10mg)
(0.5 oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Nabisco Premium LS Saltines (35mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
  Keebler Zesta Saltines, Unsalted Tops (80mg)
Sandwich Crackers:
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Lance Peanut Butter on Malt (130mg)
(1.8 oz bar unless noted)
There are many low-sodium diet, energy and nutritional bars, the following have 100mg or less per serving.

  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
     Cold Fusion Protein & Energy Bars (0mg)
    Fi-Bar, 1 bar, 1.2 oz (avg) (25mg)
    Honey Bars, all varieties, 1.4 oz (20mg)
      Flax-Raisin, 1.4 oz (0mg)
      Flax-Chocolate, 1.4 oz (5mg)
      Hempseed, 1.4 oz (5mg)
    Omega Smart most, 2.3 oz (avg) (0mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:

      Morning Start:
        Creamy Cinnamon (60g)
        Strawberry (73mg)
        Apple Cinnamon Fruit & Grain (73mg)
        Apple Crisp (80mg)
        Strawberry Crisp (95mg)
        Choc Chip Crisp (100mg)
        Choc Decadence (80mg)
        Caramel Fudge Brownie (85mg)
        Morning Oatmeal Raisin (95mg)
        Choc Coconut (95mg)
        Pralines & Cream (100mg)
    Aunt Candice Protein Bars, 2 oz (avg) (60mg)
    Balance Gold (85mg)
    Clif Bar Cranberry Apple Cherry (100mg)
    Power Bar
      Pria 110 Plus, 1 bar (avg) (90mg)
      Pria Carb Select
        Cookies ‘n Caramel, 1.7 oz (90mg)
        Caramel Nut Brownie, 1.7 oz (90mg)
      Performance, 2.3 oz (avg) (100mg)
    Slim Fast
      Rich Chewy Caramel (50mg)
      Choc Peanut Nougat (70mg)
      Peanut Butter Crunch (80mg)
      Choc Chip Muffin (100mg)
      Choc Mint Crisp (100mg)
    Tigers Milk
      Peanut Butter Crunch, 1.3 oz (70mg)
      Peanut Butter, 1.3 oz (80mg)
      Original, 1.3 oz (90mg)
    Zoe Foods Nutri Bar
      Choc Delight, 1.7 oz (70mg)
      Heavenly Apple, 1.7 oz (70mg)
      Choc Peanut Butter Bliss, 1.7 oz (70mg)
      Peanut Butter Paradise, 1.7 oz (70mg)


(1 oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    El Paso Chili Co. Bean Dips (avg) (20mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
     Cederlane 5 Layer Mexican Dip (100mg)
      Hommus Baba Ghannouj (80mg)
    Oasis Hommus
      Black Bean Dip (38mg)
      Baba Ghannouj (73mg)
      Hommus, Roasted Garlic or Spinach (76mg)
      Hommus, Roasted Red Pepper (76mg)
      Hommus Spread, Original (81mg)
    Private Harvest Italian White Bean (85mg)
      Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (115mg)
      Roasted Garlic Hummus (130mg)
      Classic Hummus (135mg)
    Tribe of Two Shieks Hummus, all (avg) (105mg)
    Wild Garden Hummus Dip, all (70mg)
    Desert Pepper Tuscan White Bean (45mg)
    Esparrago Asparagus Guacamole, all (95mg)
    Garden of Eatin’ Baja Black Bean (80mg)
    Guiltless Gourmet
      Spicy Black Bean (110mg)
      Mild Black Bean (115mg)
      Hummus, all (115mg)
    Road’s End Organics
      Nacho Cheese Dip, Mild or Spicy (85mg)
    Winter Gardens Maryland Crab (140mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
Nuts & Trail Mix:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Nuts, unsalted:
      Almonds (0mg)
      Hazelnuts (0mg)
      Pecans (0mg)
      Pistachios (0mg)
      Macadamia Nuts (1mg)
      Pine Nuts (1mg)
      Walnuts (1mg)
      Cashews (4mg)
      Sunflower seeds, unsalted (0mg)
    Nuts & Seed Snacks:
      Tropical Trail Mix (3mg)
      Trail Mix w/Chocolate Chips (34mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Nuts, dry roasted w/salt:
      Macadamia nuts, 1 oz (75mg)
      Almonds, 1 oz (96mg)
      Pecans, 1 oz (109mg)
      Pistachios, 1 oz (121mg)
    Trail mix, regular, 1 oz (65mg)
Peanut Bars:
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Planters, 1.6 oz (20mg)
(2 1/2 cups unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Air-popped, 2 1/2 cups (2mg)

    Bearitos Organic, NS, 10 cups (0mg)
    Bearitos Organic, Lite, NS, 4 cups (0mg)
    Roberts American Gourmet Nude Food (0mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Garden of Eatin’ No Oil Added, 5 cups (90mg)
    Newman’s Own LS Butter, 3 1/2 cups (100mg)
    Orville Redenbacher’s
      Caramel (45mg)
      Cinnabon (90mg)
    Smart Balance LF Low Sodium, 5 cups (80mg)

    Caramel-coated w/o peanuts, most brands, 1 oz (58mg)
    Caramel-coated w/peanuts, most brands, 1 oz (84mg)
    Ya Ya’s
      Herb (110mg)
      Light (140mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
  Unsalted Pretzels, most brands (82mg)
  Snyder’s of Hanover
    Milk Chocolate Mini Dips (100mg)
    While Chocolate Mini Dips (110mg)
(1 cake unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
  Rice cakes (20mg)
  Rice cakes, unsalted (2mg)
  Popcorn cakes (29mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:

  Crisped rice bar, choc chip (78mg)


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