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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

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Ethnic Foods


The following is a partial list of products that are low in sodium (amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis). Additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. Online resources for products are listed in the Links section.


Asian Foods

Condiments, Additives & Seasoning Mixes:
(1 tsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Wasabi Powder, most brands, (0mg)
    Cedar Hill Seasonings Stir-Fry Mix (25mg)
    Dynasty Sweet & Hot Mustard (35mg)
    Ginger People Pickled Sushi Ginger (0mg)
    Williams Mongolian Beef Mix (0mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Pickled ginger, 1 tbsp, most brands (65mg)
    Wasabi, prepared, most brands (100mg)
    Dynasty Chinese Style Mustard (45mg)
    Mee Tu Chinese Style Mustard (40mg)
    NOH Korean Kim Chee Mix (80mg)
    Polynesian Chinese Style Mustard (40mg)
    Roland Chinese Hot Mustard (40mg)
    Sun Luck Hot Mustard Paste (50mg)
    Williams Phad Thai Mix (45mg)

Fortune Cookies:

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
     Fortune cookie, most brands1 (22mg)

Noodles & Rice:
(1 cup unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Bean threads, most brands (0mg)
    Rice, steamed, most brands (0mg)
    Low mean noodles, most brands (2mg)
    Chinese, cellophane, or long rice, most brands (14mg)
    Eden 100% Buckwheat Soba, 2 oz (5mg)
      Organic Soba, NSA (0mg)
      Cha Soba (Green Tea) (0mg)
      Organic Udon (0mg)
    Orchids Buckwheat Noodles, 3 oz (0mg)
Asian Gourmet Chinese Noodles (1mg)
        Shiratake, White or Brown, 2 oz (0mg)
        Tofu Shiratake, 4 oz (15mg)
        Shiratake, White or Black, 3 oz (0mg)
        Shiratake, Brown, 1 oz (5mg)
      Orchids Shiratake, White, 1.8 oz (5mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Annie Chun's
      Rice Noodles, all (75mg)
      Pad Thai Noodles (75mg)
      Kamut or Spelt Soba, 2 oz (55mg)
      Kamut Udon, 2 oz (55mg)
      Organic Soba, 2 oz (70mg)
      Spelt Udon, 2 oz (75mg)
      Organic or Wheat & Rice Udon, 2 oz (80mg)
    Ka-Me Buckwheat Noodles (Soba), 2 oz (80mg)
    Mee Tu Chinese Noodles, 1 oz (138mg)
    Minokuni Buckwheat Noodles, 2.8 oz (60mg)
    Orchids Chuka Soba, 3 oz (47mg)
    Shirayuki Udon, 3.5 oz (45mg)
    Sun Luck
      Tomoshiraga Somen, 3 oz (70mg)
      Chuka Soba Chow Mein, 3 oz (140mg)

Asian - Sauces

Bean Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    House of Tsang Brown Bean Sauce (140mg)
    Sharwood's Black Bean & Red Pepper Sauce (95mg)

Chili/Garlic Sauce:
(1 tsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Heaven & Earth Dragon Fire Chili Sauce, 1.5 tsp (25mg)
    Sharwood's Sweet Chili & Red Pepper (16mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    A Taste of Thai
      Sweet Red Chili Sauce (95mg)
      Garlic Chili Pepper Sauce (95mg)
    Aroma Chef Thai Sweet Chili Sauce (115mg)
    Asian Gourmet Spicy Chili & Garlic (70mg)
      Hot Sriracha Chili Sauce (115mg)
      Thai Style Sweet Chili Sauce (115mg)
    Roland Sweet Chili Sauce, Thai Style (60mg)
    Sun Luck Hot Chili Sauce (125mg)

Curry Paste/Sauce:

(1 tsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Steel’s All Natural Mango Curry Sauce, 1 tbsp (0mg)
   Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Sable & Rosenfeld
      Cashew Curry Sauce, 2 tbsp (85mg)
      Coconut Curry Sauce, 2 tbsp (85mg)
    Starport Foods Coconut Curry Sauce (135mg)
    Tiger Tiger
      Minced Green Chilli Paste (100mg)
      Minced Red Chilli Paste (100mg)
    World Foods
      Thai Masaman Curry, 2 tbsp (112mg)
      Malaysian Vegetable Curry, 2 tbsp (112mg)
      Malaysian Rendang Curry, 2 tbsp (112mg)
      Thai Red Curry, 2 tbsp (140mg)

Duck Sauce:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Ah-So Chinese-Style Duck Sauce (15mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
 Asian Gourmet Duck Sauce (60mg)
    Dynasty Chinese Duck Sauce (95mg)
    Iron Chef Pineapple Duck Sauce (65mg)
    Joyce Chen Sweet & Tangy Duck Sauce (135mg)

Hoisin/Plum Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Dynasty Plum Sauce (90mg)
    Heaven & Earth Raspberry Hoisin (140mg)
    Jok 'n' Al Plum Sauce (42mg)
    Sharwood's Hoisin & Plum Sauce (118mg)
    Ty Ling Hoisin (75mg)

Kung Pao/Szechuan Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Sharwood's Kung Pao Sauce (101mg)

Lemon/Orange Sauce:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Leeann Chin Lemon Sauce (35mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Asian Gourmet Orange Sauce (75mg)
    Iron Chef Orange Sauce Glaze w/Ginger (100mg)
    Lee Kum Kee Orange Sauce & Glaze (50mg)

Peanut Sauce:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Mr. Spice Organic SF Thai Peanut Sauce & Marinade, 1 tbsp (0mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    A Taste of Thai Peanut Sauce Mix, 1/4 envl (140mg)
    Big Acres Chipotle Peanut Sauce (115mg)
    King of Siam Thai Peanut Sauce (100mg)
    Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Peanut (95mg)         Thai Kitchen Satay or Spicy Satay (130mg)

Soy, Tamari & Ponzu Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Reduced sodium (less than generic):
    Chef Myron's Ponzu Sauce (280mg)
    House of Tsang LS Soy Sauce (320mg)
NOTE: Although the soy sauces listed above exceed sodium guidelines, they are less than other brands.
Stir-Fry Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Mr. Spice Ginger, 1 tbsp (0mg)
    World Foods Pineapple Lemon Stir-Fry Mix, 1/4 jar (10mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
 World Foods  
      Burmese Pineapple Stir Fry, 2 tbsp (140mg)
      Tamarind Chilli Dipping/Stir-Fry, 2 tbsp (140mg)

Sweet & Sour Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Crosse & Blackwell Sweet & Sour (30mg)
    Great Impressions Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (15mg)
    Heaven and Earth Tangerine Sauce, 2 tbsp (5mg)
    Mr. Spice Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (0mg)
    Orient Chef Sweet & Sour Sauce (25mg)
    Rocky Mt Mandarin Sauce, 2 tbsp (20mg)
    Sun Luck Restaurant Sweet & Sour Sauce (35mg)
    World Foods Spicy Sweet & Sour (0mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Ah-So Chinese Sweet & Sour (115mg)
    Contadina w/Pineapple, 2 tbsp (115mg)
    House of Tsang Sweet & Sour (75mg)
    Ka-Me w/Ginger, 2 tbsp (60mg)
    Kraft Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (50mg)
    La Choy Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (120mg)
     Sharwood’s Sweet & Sour Sauce (104mg)
    Steel’s Rocky Mountain, 2 tbsp (78mg)
    Sun Luck Sweet & Sour (115mg)

Teriyaki/Barbecue Sauce:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Garlic Survival Co. Roasted Garlic Teriyaki Sauce (125mg)  
    Miko Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce (125mg)
    Sable & Rosenfeld Tipsy Teriyaki, 2 tbsp (135mg)
    World Harbors Blueberry Teriyaki (125mg)

Miscellaneous Sauces:
(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
 A Taste of Thai Ham Glaze, 2 tbsp (15mg)
    ChinaBlue Tangy Ginger Sauce(15mg)
    Heaven & Earth
      Ginger Mint Sauce (10mg)
      Four Fruit (10mg)
    Packaged mixes:
      Tasty Bite Satay Partay, 1/2 pkg (0mg)
        Pad Thai Simmer Sauce, 1/2 pkg (5mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Bull Dog 50% Less Salt Chuno Sauce (120mg)
    Mee Tu Chinese Marinade (120mg)
    Neera’s Spicy
      Tamarind Sauce, 1 tsp (98mg)
      Asian Tamarind Sauce, 2 tsp (110mg)
    Stonewall Kitchen Wasabi Ginger Sauce, 2 tbsp (140mg)
    World Foods
      Singaporean Nyonya Laksa, 2 tbsp (84mg)
      Malaysian “mee Mamak” Noodle Sauce, 2 tbsp (140mg)

Asian - Sushi

Reduced sodium:
   Vegetable roll, 9.8 oz (177mg)
NOTE: Although the sushi listed above exceed sodium guidelines, they are less than other varieties.

Asian - Vegetables/Seaweed

(1/2 cup unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Water Chestnuts, most brands, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Bamboo Shoots, most brands (5mg)
    Baby corn, most brands (20mg)
    Bean Sprouts, most brands (38mg)
    Ka-Me Stir Fry Vegetables (10mg)
    Polar Bean Sprouts (15mg)
      Cut or Whole Sweet Baby (35mg)
      Mixed Stir Fry Veg (10mg)
      Bean Sprouts (20mg)
    Sun Luck
      Mushrooms, Straw (0mg)
      Bean Sprouts (20mg)
    Tiger Tiger Stir-Fry Vegetables, 1 cup (20mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
La Choy Bean Sprouts, 2/3 cup (50mg)
    Season Mushrooms, Stir Fry (50mg)
    Sun Luck Mushrooms, Stir Fry (50mg)
    Well-Pac Kim Chee, 1 oz (135mg)

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Agar, fresh, 1 oz (3mg)
    Nori, fresh, 1 oz (14mg)
    Spirulina, fresh, 1 oz (28mg)

Asian - Wrappers

Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Dynasty Wonton, 1 (18mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrapper (110mg)
  Dynasty Egg Roll, 1 (60mg)
  Fortune Brand
    Gyoza (Potsticker) Wrapper (37mg)
    Egg Roll Wrapper (138mg)
  Frieda's Wonton, 1 (37mg)
  Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry (50mg)
  Twin Dragon
    Gyoza (Potsticker) Wrapper (37mg)
    Shu Mai Wrappers (40mg)
    Egg Roll Wrapper (138mg)


Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Poi, 1/3 cup (30mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Lau lau, vegetable, 1 (80mg)

Latino - Sauces

Chili Sauce:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    505 Southwestern Hot Green, 2 tbsp (40mg)
    Big Acres Mango Peach Chili Sauce (50mg)

Hot Sauce:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
     Hot sauce, most brands, 1 tsp (20mg)

  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Big Acres Milago Mole Sauce, 2 tbsp (70mg)

Salsa & Taco Sauce:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
     501 Southwestern Green Chili Sauce, hot, medium, or mild (20mg)
    Alberto's Sweet Jalapeno Relish, 2 tbsp (0mg)
    American Spoon Corn Salsa (35mg)
    Better Than Fred’s
      Caribbean Salsa (25mg)
      Just Peachy Salsa (25mg)
    Cannon's Cannon Fire Salsa (20mg)
    Crazy Charlie’s Salsa, all varieties, 1/2 cup (5mg)
    Desert Pepper Peach Mango (25mg)
    Diana's Black Bean & Corn (20mg)
    El Pato Salsa Picante con Jalapeno (30mg)
      Key Lime (0mg)
      Mango (0mg)
    Garlic Survival Co. Tomatillo Garlic (15mg)
      Roasted Garlic & Pineapple, 2 tbsp (5mg)
      Santiam Ridge Peach Mango, 2 tbsp (15mg)
    Robert Rothschild Farm Mango Salsa (15mg)
    Singing Pig Sweet Onion, 2 tbsp (20mg)
    Southern Delight Savory Apple & Honey Salsa, all (5mg)
    Stonewall Kitchen
      Peach Salsa (30mg)
      Mango Lime Salsa (35mg)
    Steel’s Caribe Mango, 2 tbsp (0mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
501 Southwestern Chipotle Honey Roasted Green Chile (80mg)
    American Spoon
      Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde (65mg)
      Mango Habanero (70mg)
      Smoky Southwest Salsa (75mg)
    Better Than Fred’s ...Salsa
      Hot (70mg)
      Medium or Mild (75mg)
    Clint’s Texas Salsa, Mild or Med (65mg)
    Cool Coyote Black Bean & Corn (80mg)
    Diana's 3 Bean (45mg)
    El Pinto Mild Green Chile Taco Sauce (55mg)
    Enrico’s Chunky Style NSA, Mild or Hot (60mg)
    Frog Ranch Hot or Medium, all varieties (40mg)
    Garlic Survival Co. Garlic or Triple Garlic Salsa (70mg)
    Gloria’s Happy Valley Apple(45mg)
    Goldwater’s Cochise Corn & Black Bean (80mg) Review
      Tomatillo Salsa Verde (50mg)
      Spicy Ginger Pineapple Salsa (50mg)
      Fiery Cranberry Habanero Salsa (70mg)
      Fiery Peri Peri Dark Cherry Salsa (70mg)
      Lime Mango Salsa (80mg)
      Peach Salsa (80mg)
    Mrs Renfro Raspberry Chipotle Salsa (70mg)
    Palmieri all varieties (65mg)
    Red Cactus Country Sweet Med Salsa (70mg)
    Robert Rothschild Farm Cilantro Lime Salsa (45mg)
    Salpica Habanero Lime Salsa (50mg)
    Salsa Patria Chunky, all heats (70mg)
    Santa Barbara
      Roasted Garlic, 2 tbsp (40mg) Review
      Mango & Peach, 2 tbsp (60mg)
      Black Bean & Corn, Medium, 2 tbsp (80mg)
    Stonewall Kitchen Papaya Salsa (75mg)
    Texas Pepper Works Alamo Select Salsa (70mg)

Latino - Seasoning Mixes

(1 tsp unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)

  Ancho Mama’s Chile, 1 tsp (0mg)
  Cedar Hill Seasonings Taco Chili Mix (30mg)
  Chipolte Del Sol Southwest, 1 tsp (0mg)
   Frontera Guacamole Mix, bottled, 1 tbsp (35mg)
  Frontier Taco, 1/4 tsp (0mg)
  Mojave Hot Taco Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)
  New Traditions
    Fajita Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)
    Santa Fe Taco Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)

Latino - Tortillas & Taco Shells

Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
      Corn tortilla, most brands, 6” diam, 1 (3mg)
      Taco Shells, blue or yellow, 2 shells (5mg)
      Tostado Shells, 2 shells (5mg)
    Casa Fiesta
      Jumbo, 1 (5mg)
      All Natural, 3 shells (10mg)
    Garden of Eatin' Blue or Yellow Corn, 2 (5mg)
    La Preferida, 1 (3mg)
    Misson Jumbo (5mg)
    Taco Bell, 3 (5mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
      Azteca Salad Shells, 1 (100mg)
      Food for Life Sprouted Grain, 1 (140mg)
      French Meadow, 6" flour (80mg)
      Garden of Eatin’ Chapati (110mg)
      Manny's Flour, 1 (110mg)
      Pinata Flour, 8” (120mg)
      Richfood, Flour, 1 (110mg)
        Low Carb, Multi Grain, Green Onion, or Garden Vegetable, 8" (115mg)
        Low Carb, Salsa, 8" (125mg)
        Premium White Flour, 8" (130mg)
        Chipotle Chili & Peppers, 8" (135mg)
        Honey Wheat or Pest & Garlic, 8" (135mg)
        Jalapeno & Cilantro, 8" (140mg)
        Garden Spinach & Vegetable, 8" (140mg)
        Sun-Dried Tomato/Basil, 8" (140mg)
        Low Carb, Green Onion, 10" (140mg)
        Low Carb, Garden Vegetable, 10" (140mg)     

Latino Products - Vegetables

Chili Peppers:
(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Alberto's Sweet Jalapeno Relish, Sweet & Tangy, all (0mg)
      Green Chile, Hot or Mild (0mg)
      Sweet Hots, Red Hots, or Jalapeño (10mg)
    Chi-Chi’s Whole Green Chiles (20mg)
    Ortega Diced Jalapeños (25mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Casa Fiesta
      Diced or Whole Green Chiles (85mg)
    Chi-Chi’s Diced Green Chiles (85mg)
    El Rio Chopped Green Chiles (75mg)
    Embassa Chipotle Peppers in Adobo (140mg)
    LaPreferida Diced Green Chiles (75mg)
      Diced Green Chiles (70mg)
      Fire Roasted Chiles Mild (75mg)
      Whole Green Chiles, 1 pepper (75mg)
      Chopped & Peeled Green Chiles (75mg)
    Melissa’s Fire Roasted Red & Green Chiles (60mg)
    Natural Value Whole or Diced, 2 tbsp (40mg)
    Ortega Diced Jalapeños (25mg)
    Safeway Green Chiles, 2 tbsp (40mg)

Refried Beans:
(1/2 cup unless noted)
  Reduced sodium (less than generic):
    Eden Refried Beans
      Black Soy & Black Bean (170mg)
      Kidney (180mg)
      Pinto & Spicy Pinto (180mg)
      Black (180mg)
      Spicy Black (180mg)
NOTE: Although many of the beans listed above exceed sodium guidelines, they are less than other brands. 

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Tomatillos, raw, diced, 1/2 cup (1mg)
    Tomatillos, canned, most brands, 2.1 oz (15mg)

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