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Raising Sodium Awareness


LOW-SODIUM FOODS — Desserts & Sweets

The following products have less than 140mg sodium per serving. Amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis. This is a partial list of items, additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. 

  > Brownies & Dessert Bars
> Cakes & Cheesecake
> Cake Frosting, Icing & Decorations
> Candy & Chewing Gum
> Cookies & Biscotti
> Doughnuts
> Frozen Desserts & Pastries
  > Ice Cream, Ices & Frozen Yogurt
> Ice Cream Cones
> Pies & Cobblers
> Puddings & Gelatins
> Sauces & Toppings
> Snack Cakes, Pies & Sweet Snacks
(1 piece unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Butterscotch, 2.5” square (10mg)
      Chocolate, 2.5” square (10mg)
    The Cravings Place Ooey Gooey Choc (22mg)
    Southern Gourmet Fudge (10mg)
    Golden Star Frosted, 2.5 oz (30mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Sara Lee
      Cheesecake Bites, 3.9 oz (55mg)
      Brownie Bites, 1.4 oz (60mg)
    Arrowhead Mills
      Wheat Free (40mg)
      Brownie (45mg)
    Aunt Candice (66mg)
    Betty Crocker
      Sunkist Lemon Bars (80mg)
      Walnut Chocolate Chunk (85mg)
      Triple Chunk (90mg)
      Chocolate Chunk (90mg)
      Pecan (90mg)
    Canterbury Naturals Chocolate (80mg)
    ’Cause You’re Special Chocolate Fudge (82mg)
    Firenza Triple Chocolate (70mg)
    Gluten-Free Pantry Brownie Mix (65mg)
    Hodgson Mill (80mg)
    Hol-Grain Wheat Free, Chocolate (70mg)
Pecan or Raspberry Bars (70mg)
      Lemon or Lime Bars, 0.8 oz (80mg)
    Manischewitz Choc w/Fudge Frosting (75mg)
    Namaste Brownies (95mg)
    Nature's Path
      Hemp Plus (55mg)
      Double Fudge (65mg)
    Oetker Chocolate, 1.5 oz (90mg)
      Choc Extreme or Choc Chunk (60mg)
      White Fudge Chunk (65mg)
      Milk Chocolate (70mg)
      Traditional Fudge or Fudge Toffee (75mg)
      Double Chocolate (75mg)
      Walnut (85mg)
      Cheesecake Swirl (85mg)
      Choc or Vanilla Frosted (90mg)
      Hot Fudge Swirl (90mg)
      Caramel Swirl (90mg)
    Hostess, Brownie Bites, 1.3 oz (80mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Manischewitz Sponge (5mg)
      Sweet ‘N Low, all varieties, 1/5 pkg (30mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Awrey’s Raspberry Nut, 2.8 oz (115mg)
      Pepperidge Farm
        Strawberry Stripe, 1/8 (110mg)
        Mango, 1/8 (110mg)
        Coconut, 1/8 (115mg)
        Golden or Vanilla, 1/8 (120mg)
      Sara Lee Strawberry Swirl Pound, 3 oz ( 140mg)
      Weight Watchers
        Carrot Cake, 1 oz (90mg)
        Chocolate Cake, 1 oz (110mg)
      Authentic Foods
        Lemon (45mg)
        Chocolate (105mg)
      Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free, Chocolate (85mg)
      Canterbury Naturals
Chocolate Orange Pound (50mg)
      ’Cause You’re Special
        Chocolate Pound (120mg)
        Golden Pound, 2 oz (120mg)
        Fran Gare's Chocolate Bake Mix (106mg)
        Sylvan Border Farm Lemon, 2.9 oz (95mg)
      Sponge Cake, most brands (69mg)
      Fruitcake, most brands (77mg)
      Pound Cake w/butter, most brands (119mg)
        Kuchen Meister
        Marzipan Stollen, 1.8 oz (60mg)
        Cakes, all varieties, 1.8 oz (100mg)

  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      David Glass Ultimate, 2.2 oz
        Milk Chocolate Mousse (76mg)
        Chocolate Covered (86mg)
        New York (91mg)
        Key Lime Mousse (140mg)
      Sara Lee
        Choc-Dipped Bites, (2) 3.9 oz (55mg)
        Choc-Dipped Pecan Bites, (2) 3.9 oz (55mg)
      Weight Watchers Smart Ones
        NY Style w/Black Cherry Swirl (140mg)
      Sans Sucre, all varieties (80mg)

(2 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate (20mg)
     Dixie Diner Carb Counters
White or Chocolate Butter (20mg)
     Sweet N’ Low White, 1/14 pkg (20mg)
      Betty Crocker Whipped
        Fluffy White (25mg)
        Strawberry Mist (25mg)
        Vanilla (25mg)
        Butter Cream (25mg)
        Whipped Cream (25mg)
      Our Family Creamy White (30mg)
      Pillsbury Whipped Supreme
        Fluffy White or Cream Cheese (20mg)
        Vanilla or Vanilla Funfetti (20mg)
        Strawberry (20mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    There are many low-sodium frostings, the following
    have 65mg or less per serving.

      Calorie Control
        Chocolate (40mg)
        Vanilla (40mg)
        Lemon (40mg)
        Cream Cheese (40mg)
       Dr Oetker Simple Organics
        Chocolate (65mg)
        Vanilla (65mg)
      Pillsbury Homestyle Fluffy (55mg)
     Sweet N’ Low Chocolate, 1/14 pkg (50mg)
      Betty Crocker
        Whipped, Cream Cheese (45mg)
        Whipped, Milk Chocolate (50mg)
        Whipped, Chocolate or Chocolate Mousse(55mg)
        Rich & Creamy, Coconut Pecan (55mg)
      Duncan Hines
        Home-Style, Vanilla or French Vanilla (60mg)
        Home-Style, Cream Cheese (60mg)
        Wild Cherry Vanilla (60mg)
        Home-Style, Lemon Supreme (65mg)
        Fun Frosters M&Ms (65mg)
        Whipped, Supreme (50mg)
        Creamy Supreme, Milk Chocolate (55mg)
        Creamy Supreme, Coconut Pecan (60mg)

Icing & Decorations:
  Sprinkles, 1 tsp (0mg)
  Decorating icing, 1 tsp (10mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Breath Savers, most brands, 1 pc (0mg)
    Sweet Chocolate Candy, most brands (0mg)
    Gumdrops, most brands (4mg)
    Jelly Beans, most brands (7mg)
    Chocolate-Coated Fondant, most brands (7mg)
    Chocolate-Coated Raisins, most brands (10mg)
    Lollipop, most brands, 1 (10mg)
    Hard Candy, most brands (11mg)
    Butterscotch, most brands (12mg)
    Chocolate-Coated Peanuts, most brands (12mg)
    Caramels, Choc-Flavored Roll, most brands (24mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Caramel, most brands (70mg)
Candy Bars:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Sweet Chocolate Bar, most brands (7mg)
    Milk Chocolate Bar w/Almonds, most brands (30mg)
    Milk Chocolate Bar, most brands (35mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    3 Muskateers, 2.1 oz (110mg)
    Almond Joy, 1.6 oz (65mg)
    Baby Ruth, 2.1 oz (130mg)
    Butterfinger, 2.1 oz (120mg)
    Estee Sugar Free
      Rice Crunchy Bars (40mg)
      Milk Chocolate, 1.4 oz (65mg)
      Milk Chocolate w/Almonds, 1.4 oz (65mg)
      Milk Chocolate w/Fruit & Nuts, 1.4 oz (65mg)
    Heath, 1.4 oz (135mg)
    Milky Way, 2.1 oz (95mg)
    Snickers, 2.1 oz (140mg)
    Twix, 2 oz (115mg)
    Yamate Chocolatier
      Milk Choc, Sugar Free, 1.5 oz (50mg)
    Weight Watchers LF, 1.2 oz (85mg)
Chewing Gum:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Chewing Gum, 1 stick (0mg)
(1 oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      ’Cause You’re Special
        Classic Sugar, 1 cookie (27mg)
      The Cravings Place
        Create-Your-Own Cookie Mix (4mg)
        Peanut Butter (5mg)
        Chocolate Chunk (8mg)
        Double Chocolate Chunk (8mg)
        Raisin Spice (9mg)
      Afrika Dark Choc Wafers, (8) 1.1 oz (20mg)
      Almondina Biscuits, 1.1 oz (10mg)
      Andre's Carbo-Save, All (5mg)
        Crunchy Oatmeal, 1.2 oz (20mg)
      Barbara’s Bakery
        Fig Bars, all varieties, 0.7 oz (20mg)
      Barry’s Bakery
        Merangos, 12, all (avg) (20mg) Review
        French Twists, all (avg) (25mg) Review
      BP Gourmet Meringues (avg) (0mg)
      Carr’s Chococcines (20mg)
      Delacre Matadi Creme-Filled Wafers (15mg)
      Duchy Originals Lemon Biscuits (11mg)
        Cinnamon or Coconut Macaroon, 1 (10mg)
        Lemon Sandwich, 1 (10mg)
        White Choc Chip Macadamia, 1 (15mg)
        Ginger, 1 (15mg)
        Chocolate, 1 (20mg)
        Almond Butter or Choc Hazelnut, 1 (25mg)
        Vanilla or Vanilla Lemon Cream, 1 (25mg)
        French Almond or Choc Chip Potato, 1 (30mg)
        Vanilla Choc Cream Sandwich, 1 (35mg)
        Creme Wafers, Vanilla (20mg)
        Creme Wafers, Choc (30mg)
        Strawberry Vanilla Creme Wafers (15mg)
        Vanilla Sandwich, 1.3 oz (20mg)
        Duplex Sandwich, 1.3 oz (20mg)
        Peanut Butter (25mg)
        Vanilla Wafers (35mg)
        Chocolate Sandwich (35mg)
        Luxury Ginger, 0.6 oz (25mg)
        Chocolate Creme Wafer, 3 (25mg)
        Tarteletts, 0.9 oz (29mg)
        Chocolate Chip Biscuit, 4 (30mg)
        Caramel Crunch, 4 (30mg)
      Heavenly Desserts Meringues, 1 (0mg)
      Joseph’s Sugar Free Review
        Fancy Vanilla, 2 oz (15mg)
        Sugar, 1.3 oz (20mg)
        Sugar Wafers, Creme-Filled, 4 (25mg)
        Fudge Shoppe:
          Caramel Filled (2) (30mg)
          Fudge Sticks (3) (30mg)
      Lu Review
        Le Chocolatier (10mg)
        Le Truffe, Praline/Choc, 1.2 oz (15mg)
      Manischewitz Meringue, 30 (avg) (20mg)
      Miss Meringue
        Meringues (avg) (20mg)
        Madeleines (avg) (25mg)
      Murray Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers (15mg)
      Natural Ovens
        Carob Chip, 1.3 oz (15mg)
        Oatmeal Raisin, 1 (15mg)
      Reko Pizzelle
        Vanilla, Anis, Maple, or Lemon, 5 (20mg)
      Snackwell’s Devil’s Food FF, 0.6 oz (30mg)
      Stella D’oro Anginetti, 1.1 oz (10mg)
      Tree of Life
        Toasted Almond Butter, 0.9 oz (35mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    There are many low-sodium cookies, the following have 80mg or less per serving.
      Pillsbury Cookie Dough, Choc Chip (80mg)
      The Upper Crust
        Peanut Butter, 1 oz (2) (38mg)
        Chocolate Fudge, 1.8 oz (3) (49mg)
        Ginger, 1 oz (2) (60mg)
        Chocolate Chip, 1 oz (2) (60mg)
        Sugar, 1 oz (2) (60mg)
        Betty Crocker
        Chocolate Chip (60mg)
        Sugar (65mg)
        Pouch Mix, Sugar (65mg)
      ’Cause You’re Special Choc Chip, 1 (56mg)
    NOTE: Because there are many ready-to-eat low-sodium cookies under 35mg, those over 35mg have not been included (see
the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods for additional selections).
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Aunt Gussie's (10mg)
    Freida’s Kitchen, all (25mg)
    Scotto’s, all (20mg)
    Stella D'oro Choc Chunk, 0.7 oz (35mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Alex & Dani’s
      Totally Chocolate (55mg)
      Amazing Almond (55mg)
    Health Valley Amaretto or Choc, 1.1 oz (50mg)
    Stella D’oro
      Chocolate Almond, 0.7 oz (40mg)
      Almond, 0.7 oz (45mg)
      French Vanilla, 0.7 oz (55mg)
    The Upper Crust all (avg) (41mg)
(1.5 oz unless noted)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:

Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
  Michael Angelo's Cannoli, 1.3 oz (30mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Choc Dipped Cream Puffs, 3.6 oz (68mg)
    Mini Cream Puffs, 2.7 oz (77mg)
    Mini Eclairs, 3.6 oz (128mg)
  The Fillo Factory
    Apple Strudel, 4.5 oz (110mg)
    Apple Turnover, 3.8 oz (120mg)
  Nancy's Petite Souffle
    Belgian Chocolate, 1.5 oz (3) (115mg)
    Chocolate Caramel, 1.5 oz (3) (125mg)
    Bavarian Creme Eclair, 2 oz (80mg)
    New York Hazelnut Eclair, 2 oz (85mg)
  Weight Watchers Smart Ones
    Double Fudge Brownie Parfait, 3.9 oz (95mg)
    Choc Chip Cookie Dough Sundae, 2.7 oz (120mg)


(1/2 cup unless noted)
Frozen Yogurt:
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Chocolate, most brands (5mg)
    All other flavors (63mg)
Ice Cream:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      CarbSmart, Neapolitan (10mg)
      CarbSmart, Vanilla or Strawberry (30mg)
      All Natural:
        Chocolate, Peach, or Strawberry (30mg)
        Black Raspberry Chocolate (35mg)
        Extra Creamy Chocolate (35mg)
        Lactose Free Vanilla (35mg)
        Vanilla & Chocolate (35mg)
        Vanilla Ice Cream & Orange Sherbet (35mg)
        Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry (35mg)
      Double Churned:
        Creamy Chocolate (35mg)
        Strawberries & Cream (35mg)
      A&W Root Beer Float (35mg)
    Dreyer’s / Edy's
      Carb Benefit:
        Choc Chip or Mint Choc Chip (30mg)
        Vanilla Bean (30mg)
        Chocolate (35mg)

        Real Strawberry (30mg)
        Toasted Almond or Vanilla Chocolate (30mg)
        Vanilla Chocolate (30mg)
        Rocky Road or Neapolitan (35mg)
        French Vanilla or Chocolate (35mg)
        Cherry Vanilla (35mg)
        Vanilla or Vanilla Bean (35mg)
      Slow Churned, Orange & Cream (35mg)
    Stonyfield Farm
      Chocolate Raspberry Swirl (30mg)
      After Dark Chocolate (35mg)    
    Turkey Hill

Orange Cream Swirl (25mg)
        Black Cherry or Neapolitan (30mg)
        Dutch Choc or Choc Marshmallow (30mg)
        Strawberries & Cream (30mg)
        Black Raspberry (35mg)
        Columbian Coffee (35mg)
        Original Vanilla or Vanilla Bean (35mg)
        Vanilla & Chocolate (35mg)
      Light, Chocolate Chip (30mg)
        Vanilla Bean or Choco Mint Chip (30mg)
Non-Dairy Alternatives:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Soy Delicious Purely Decadent
      Cherry Nirvana or Choc Obsession (15mg)
      Swinging Anna Banana (15mg)
      Purely Vanilla (20mg)
      Chunky Mint Madness (30mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Soy Delicious
      Twisted Vanilla Orange (40mg)
      Chocolate Velvet (50mg)
      Creamy Vanilla (55mg)
      Mint Marble Fudge (55mg)
      Neapolitan or Strawberry (55mg)
      Chocolate Peanut Butter (60mg)
      Purely Decadent:
        Mint Chocolate Chip (45mg)
        Mocha Almond Fudge (45mg)
        Peanut Butter Zig Zag (50mg)
        Praline Pecan (50mg)
Sherbet & Sorbet:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Sherbet, most brands (34mg)
Specialties — Bars, Pops & Sandwiches:
  Fruit & Juice Bars:
    Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Bar, fruit & juice, 1 bar (4mg)
Ice Cream & Yogurt Bars:
    Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Blue Bunny
       Root Beer Float, 1 bar (25mg)
       Star Bar, 1 (30mg)
      Fruitful, Cream-Based Bars, 1 (avg) (25mg)
      Good Humor Toasted Almond or Milk Chocolate, 1 bar (30mg)
        Raspberry Sorbet & Vanilla Yogurt, 1 bar (15mg)
        Mint & Dark Choc Ice Cream, 1 bar (30mg)
      Healthy Choice Raspberry Orange Sorbet, 1 bar (35mg)
       Hood Ice Cream Bar, 1 (30mg)
        CarbSmart Creamsicle, 1 bar (0mg)
        Creamsicle, 1 bar (20mg)
        Creamsicle, No Sugar Added, 1 bar (25mg)
    Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Blue Bunny
        Big Star Bar or Heath Bar, 1 (40mg)
        English Toffee Bar, 1 (40mg)
        Light, Creamy Fudge, 1 bar (40mg)
        CarbSmart, Almond, 1 bar (40mg)
      Fruitful Choc Yogurt-Based Bar, 1 (65mg)
       Häagen-Dazs Choc & Dark Choc Ice Cream, 1 bar (40mg)
Orange Cream or Java Smoothie, 1 bar (40mg)        
        Choc Fudge, No Sugar Added, 1 bar (40mg)
          Chocolate, 1 bar (45mg)
        Dark Chocolate York or Neapolitan, 1 bar (50mg)
        The Original or Original Vanilla, 1 bar (55mg)
        Whitehouse Cherry, 1 bar (55mg)
        Pudding Pops, 1 (40mg)
        Fudgsicle, 1 (45mg)
  Drumsticks & Sandwiches:
    Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
        CarbSmart, cone, 1 (40mg)
        CarbSmart, sandwich, 1 (55mg)
      Hood LF Vanilla, 1 (70mg)                
  Non-Dairy Alternatives:
    Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
       Soy Delicious
        Purely Decadent, 1 (avg) (10mg)
        Fudge Bar or Vanilla Bar, 1 (25mg)
        Vanilla & Almonds Bar, 1r (30mg)
      Sweet Nothings, all, 1r (avg) (8mg)
    Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Soy Delicious
        Choc Chip Sandwich, 1 (60mg)
        Mint Choc Chip Sandwich, 1 (70mg)
        Li'l Buddies:
          Choc or Vanilla Sandwich, 1 (105mg)
          Peanut Butter Sandwich, 1 (115mg)
          Mint Sandwich, 1 (125mg)
        Mocha Mania or Mint Mania Sandwich, 1 (130mg)
        Vanilla Cookie Sandwich, 1 (130mg)
        Totally Fudge Pops, 1 (53mg)
        Delights Bar, 1 (80mg)
        Choc Fudge Bar, 1 (86mg)
        Coffee Break Treats Bar, 1 (86mg)
        Hooray Hooray Bar, 1 (90mg)
        Monkey Bar or Marry Me Bars, 1 (105mg)
          Vanilla Sandwich, No Sugar Added, 1 (86mg)
          Mint Choc Chip Sandwich, 1 (110mg)
          Coffee Break Sandwich, 1 (110mg)
          Choc or Totally Vanilla Sandwich, 1 (110mg)
          Wild Berry or Vanilla Sandwich, 1 (121mg)
          Jazzy Sandwich, 1 (121mg)
          Blueberry or Strawberry Sandwich, 1 (130mg)
          Choc Wave Sandwich, 1 (130mg)
          Cookies 'N Cream Sandwich, 1 (135mg)
          Peanut Butter Sandwich, 1 (135mg)
(1 cone unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
  Cone, cake or wafer-type, most brands, 1 (6mg)
  Sugar cone, most brands, 1 (32mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
  Cone, waffle, most brands, 1 oz cone (41mg)
(1/8 unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
    Jeff Nathan Creations
Apple Cobbler, 1/2 (25mg) 
    Concord Foods Apple Crisp (0mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Amy’s Apple Pie, 4 oz (135mg)
    Door Country Apple Crisp, 4 oz (76mg)
    Edwards Sundae Singles, 2.7 oz (120mg)
    Racine Danish Kringles Raspberry (105mg)
    Sara Lee
      Signature Strawberries & Cream (60mg)
      Signature Key West Lime (95mg)
      Dulce de Leche Caramel Swirl (100mg)
    Weight Watchers Smart Ones
      Key Lime Pie, 2.8 oz (85mg)
      Mississippi Mud, 2.8 oz (85mg)
    Chef Hans Apple Crisp, 1/2 cup (85mg)
(1/2 cup unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Unflavored gelatin, 1 envl (14mg)
      Calorie Control, all varieties (0mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Regular gelatin (98mg)
      Sugar free (56mg)
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Bird’s Dessert Mix, 1/4 pkt (30mg)
      Calorie Control Mousse, all varieties (25mg)
      Junket Custard, 0.4 oz mix (avg) (0mg)
      Mori Nu all, 1/4 pkg (5mg)
        Chocolate, 1/4 pkg (5mg)
      Noh Hawaiian Coconut, 1/8b pkt (15mg)
        Pistachio Delight (25mg)
        Chocolate or Creme (30mg)
      RC Bavarian or Mousse, all (35mg)
      Sans Sucre Mousse
        Mocha Cappuccino (25mg)
        Chocolate (25mg)
        Strawberry (25mg)
        French Vanilla (25mg)
        Lemon (25mg)
      American Spoon
        Lemon or Lime Curd, 1 tbsp (20mg)
        Passion Fruit Curd, 1 tbsp (20mg)
Natural Lemon, 1 cup (35mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Weight Watchers Smart Ones
        Chocolate Mousse, 2.8 oz (100mg)      
       Calorie Control

        Key Lime Pie Filling & Mousse (40mg)
        Custard (40mg)
        Cheesecake, all (80mg)
        Pistachio, Lemon, or Strawberry (110mg)
        Butterscotch, Banana, or Coconut (110mg)
        Choc, Choc Mint, or Choc Almond (110mg)
        Vanilla or Pumpkin Pie Filling (110mg)
      Con-Gelli Caramel Custard Flan (45mg)
      Nestle Mousse European Style
        Dark Choc, 1/4 pkg (70mg)
        Milk Choc, 1/4 pkg (75mg)
        Vanilla or Creme Caramel (45mg)
        Chocolate Mousse (45mg)
        Strawberry Mousse (55mg)
        French Vanilla Mousse Light (75mg)
        Tiramisu (80mg)
        Creme Brulee (90mg)
        Sans Sucre Mousse, Key Lime (40mg)
        Key Lime (40mg)
        Ambrosia Custard (50mg)
       American Spoon
Passion Fruit Curd, 1 tbsp (55mg)
Snack Pack Lemon Meringue (55mg)
        Imagine Natural
        Banana, 1 cup (40mg)
        Butterscotch, 1 cup (55mg)
        Chocolate, 1 cup (85mg)
        Kozy Shack Creme Caramel Flan (85mg)

Rice Pudding & Tapioca:
  Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
      Minute Tapioca, 1 1/2 tsp (0mg)
  Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
      Uncle Ben's French Vanilla Rice (90mg)
      Hunt’s Snack Pack, Tapioca, 3.5 oz (130mg)
      Kraft Handi-Snacks, Tapioca, 3.5 oz (120mg)
(2 tbsp unless noted)
Very Low Sodium – 35mg or less:
  Strawberry, most brands (9mg)
  Pineapple, most brands (18mg)
  Marshmallow cream, most brands (23mg)
    Nature Sweet, Butterscotch (10mg)
    Classic Fudge Sauce, all (10mg)
    Nature Sweet, Praline (10mg)
    Chocolate Fudge (Splenda) (15mg)
    Caramel (Splenda) (15mg)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
    Butterscotch, 2 tbsp (65mg)
  Wax Orchards Fudge Sauces         
    FF, Fruit Sweetened, all varieties (40mg) Review
    Original (45mg)
    Raspberry (50mg)
(1.5 oz unless noted)
Low Sodium – 140mg or less:
There are many low-sodium snack cakes, pies and sweet snacks; the following have 100mg or less:
      Snack Bites:
        Choc Covered Strawberry, 1 oz (55mg)
        Turtle, 1 oz (70mg)
      Snack Bars:
        Strawberry Cheesecake, 1.5 oz (80mg)
        Classic Cheesecake, 1.5 oz (85mg)
     Dolly Madison

      Raspberry Zinger, 1.5 oz (100mg)
      Coffee Cakes, 1.1 oz (80mg)
      Devils Food Cookie Cake, 0.5 oz (40mg)
      Brownie Bites, 1.3 oz (80mg)
      Mini-Muffins, Choc, 1.2 oz (100mg)
     Lance Fig Cake, LF, 1 oz (100mg)
     Little Debbie
      Sugar Wafers (50mg)
      German Choc Rings (65mg)
      Marshmallow Supremes, 1 pkg (65mg)
      Stars/Stripes Marshamallow Puffs, 1.3 oz (65mg)
      Star Crunch Cookies, 1.1 oz (75mg)
      Pecan Pinwheels, 1 oz (80mg)
      Caramel Cookie Bar, 1.2 oz (85mg)
      Fudge Rounds, 1.2 oz (85mg)
      Choc Chip Cream Pies, 1.2 oz (95mg)
      Jelly Creme Pies, 1.2 oz (100mg)
     Rice Dream Vanilla Pie, 1 (70mg)
     Salerno Scooter Pie, 1.2 oz (80mg)
      Kreamies, Banana, 1.5 oz (100mg)


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Olympia, WA

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