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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

2nd Edition

The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites cookbook
The Hasty Gourmet™ Low Salt Favorites

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Breakfast Foods


The following is a partial list of products that are low in sodium (amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis). Additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. Online resources for products are listed in the Links section.


Cereal (Cold)


(1 cup unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Alpen Original, 1.9 oz (30mg)
    No Sugar Added, 1.9 oz (30mg)
  Arrowhead Mills Amaranth Flakes (0mg)
    Puffed Cereal, all varieties (0mg)
    Shredded Wheat, all varieties (5mg)
  Back to Nature Cinnamon Crunch (15mg)
    Treasured Grains w/Ginger (15mg)
  Barbara’s Bakery
    Shredded Wheat, 2 biscuits (0mg)
  Dixie Carb Counters Nutlettes, 1/2 cup (5mg)
    Smaps, 1/2 cup (33mg)
  Ener-G Pure Rice Bran, 1/2 cup (5mg)
  Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice, NSA (10mg)
  Grainfields LS cereals (avg) (20mg)
  Health Valley Organic
    Blue Corn Flakes, 3/4 cup (10mg)
    Cranberry Crunch, 3/4 cup (30mg)
  Kashi Autumn Wheat (0mg)
    Cinnamon Harvest (0mg)
    Island Vanilla (0mg)
    7 Whole Grain Honey Puffs (0mg)
    7 Whole Grain Puffs (0mg)
  Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats (avg) (5mg)
  Nature’s Path Synergy 8 Grain, 3/4 cup (0mg)
  Northern Gold
    Old Fashioned Oats, 1/2 cup (0mg)
  Nu-World Foods Cereal Snaps, all (avg) (2mg)
    Amaranth O’s, Peach, 3/4 cup (26mg)
    Amaranth O’s, Original, 3/4 cup (28mg)
    Shredded Wheat:
      Original (0mg)
      Spoon-size Original (0mg)
      Spoon-size Frosted (0mg)
      Spoon-size Wheat’n Bran (0mg)
      Golden Crisp (25mg)
  Spencer’s Fruity O’s, 3/4 cup (35mg)

Granola & Museli:
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Alpen (Museli) Original, 2/3 cup (30mg)
    Sugar Free, 2/3 cup (30mg)
  Alvarado St Bakery
    Classic Granola, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Classic Granola w/Raisins, 1/2 cup (0mg)
  Back to Nature Granola
    Choc Delight (0mg)
    Classic (0mg)
    Apple Blueberry (10mg)
    Organic Cherry Vanilla (10mg)
    Ginger Roasted or Honey Almond (20mg)
    Wild Blueberry Walnut (20mg)
  The Baker Pecan Granola (0mg)
    Honey Oat w/Almonds Granola (0mg)
    Cinnamon Raisin w/Flax Granola (0mg)
    Honey Crunch Muesli (0mg)
    Fruit & Nut Mueslli (0mg)
    Forest Berry Muesli (15mg)
  Bear Naked Granola
    Fruit & Nut, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Banana Nut, 1/4 cup (5mg)
    Apple Cinnamon, 1/4 cup (10mg)
    Fit, Vanilla Almond Crunch, 1/4 cup (10mg)
    Fit, Triple Berry Crunch, 1/4 cup (15mg)
    Mango Agave Almond, 1/4 cup (25mg)
    Natural, Blueberry Walnut, 1/4 cup (25mg)
    Peak Protein, 1/4 cup (25mg)
  Bob’s Red Mill Museli, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Honey Almond Granola, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Crunchy Coconut Granola, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Apple Blueberry or Natural, 1/2 cup (10mg)
    Apple Strawberry or Apple Cinnamon, 1/2 cup (10mg)
  Breadshop Granola
    Super Natural w/Almonds & Raisins (5mg)
    Crunchy Oat Bran w/Almonds & Raisins (0mg)
    Strawberry ‘n Cream (0mg)
    Raspberry ‘n Cream (0mg)
    Blueberry ‘n Cream (0mg)
    Honey Gone Nuts (0mg)
  Chappaqua Crunch Granola
    Original, 1/3 cup (0mg)
    Simply Granola, 1/3 cup (0mg)
    With Cranberries, 1/3 cup (0mg)
    With Raspberries, 1/3 cup (0mg)
    With Blueberries, 1/3 cup (0mg)
    With Raisins, 1/3 cup (15mg)
  Enjoy Life Very Berry Crunch Granola (10mg)
    Cinnamon Crunch Granola (10mg)
    Cranapple Crunch Granola (20mg)
  Familia Swiss Museli, Original, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Swiss Museli, No Sugar Added, 1/2 cup (0mg)
  King Arthur Flour Mt Museli, 1/2 cup (20mg)
  Michaelene’s Granola
    Honey Crunch, all varieties (avg), 1/3 cup (2mg)
    Gourmet, most varieties (avg), 1/3 cup (12mg)
    Sweetnola for Life, 1/3 cup (12mg)
    S’more Sweetnola, 1/3 cup (12mg)
  Mother’s Oat & Honey Granola, 1/2 cup (20mg)
  Natural Ovens Great Granola, 1/2 cup (20mg)
  Nature’s Path
    HempPlus Granola, 3/4 cup (35mg)
  Northern Gold
    Honey Almond Granola, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Cashews & Raisins Granola (5mg)
  Quaker Natural Granola
    Oats & Honey, 1/2 cup (25mg)
    Honey & Raisins, 1/2 cup (25mg)
  Seitenbacher Musli most varieties (1-36mg)
  Udi’s Natural Granola
    Regular (0mg)
    Kids, BanaBerry, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Au Natural, 1/4 cup (0mg)


Cereal (Hot)


(1 cup unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
American Harvest Quinoa Flakes, 1/3 cup (4mg)
  Arrowhead Mills
    Instant Oatmeal, Original Plain (0mg)
    All Hot Cereals, no Instant Oatmeal (avg) (0mg)
  Bear Naked Rolled Oats (0mg)
  Bob’s Red Mill
    All hot cereals, 1/4 cup (avg) (0mg)
  Country Choice
    Hot Cereal (in cannisters), all (avg) (0mg)
    Instant Oatmeal, Original (0mg)
  Cream Hill Estates Rolled Oats, 1/3 cup (0mg)
  Cream of Wheat, 3 tbsp (0mg)
  Erewhon Organic
    Barley Plus (0mg)
    Instant Oatmeal w/Added Oat Bran (0mg)
    Brown Rice Cream (30mg)
  King Arthur Flour
    Pompanoosuc Porridge, 1/4 cup (5mg)
  Malt-o-Meal, 3 tbsp (0mg)
  McCann’s Irish Oatmeal (0mg)
    Quick Cooking Irish Oatmeal (0mg)
    Irish Oatbran (0mg)
  Mother’s Instant Oatmeal (0mg)
    Oat Bran (0mg)
    Rolled Oats (0mg)
    Whole Wheat (0mg)
    Barley (0mg)
  Nu-World Foods Puffed Amaranth
    Original (1mg)
    Berry Delicious Puffed Amaranth (9mg)
    Old Fashioned Oats, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Quick Oats, 1/2 cup (0mg)
    Steel Cut Oats, 1/4 cup (0mg)
    Organic Instant Oatmeal (0mg)


Cereal, Granola & Other Snack Bars


(1.3 oz bar unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  18 Rabbits Granola Bars, 1.9 oz (avg) (3mg)
  Dixie Soy Rocks, Crunchy Choc, 1.1 oz (3mg)
  Ener-G Choc Chip, 1.5 oz (15mg)
  Fi-Bar Chewy & Nutty Granola Bars, 1.2 oz
    Milk Choc Almond Crunch (20mg)
    White Choc Almond Crunch (20mg)
    Milk Choc Peanut Butter (25mg)
    White Choc Peanut Butter (25mg)
    Semi-Sweet Choc Raspberry (25mg)
    White Choc Cranberry (25mg)
    White Choc, Raspberry or Strawberry (25mg)
  Glutino Gluten Free Breakfast Bars
    Blueberry or Cranberry (10mg)
    Chocolate (10mg)
  Gorge Delights Just Fruit Bar
    Apple or Pear, 1.4 oz (8mg)
    Apple Blueberry or Apple Cherry, 1.4 oz (9mg)
    Blueberry Pear or Strawberry Pear, 1.4 oz (9mg)
    Apple Raspberry, 1.4 oz (10mg)
  Health Valley Organic Chewy Granola
    Wild Berry or Dutch Apple, 1 oz (10mg)
    Choc Chip, 1 oz (10mg)
    Raspberry or Blueberry, 1 oz (20mg)
    Double Choc Chip, 1 oz (20mg)
  Mount Govardan Boomi Bar
    Almond Protein Plus, 1.9 oz (12mg)
    Cashew Protein Plus, 1.9 oz (20mg)
    Walnut Date, 1.7 oz (20mg)
    Macadamia Paradise, 1.7 oz (25mg)
    Maple Pecan, 1.7 oz (35mg)
  Nature’s Path Choc Chip Granola, 1.4 oz (35mg)
  PranaBar Gluten Free
    Apricot Goji or Apricot Pumpkin, 1.7 oz (30mg)
    Cashew Almond or Pear Ginseng, 1.7 oz (30mg)
    Coconut Acai, 1.7 oz (35mg)
    Granola Bites Choc or Cinnamon, 0.7 oz (30mg)
    Fiber & Omega 3:
      Peanut Butter Choc, 1.3 oz (35mg)
      Dark Choc Chunk, 1.3 oz (35mg)
  Raw Indulgence Gluten Free, 2.2 oz
    Raspberry & Chocolate (0mg)
    Raisin & Chocolate (0mg)
    Chocolate & Coconut (0mg)
    Chocolate & Cashew (0mg)
    Hazelnut & Chocolate (0mg)
    Cashew & Agave Nectar (0mg)
    Spirulina & Cashew (20mg)
  Schar Choc Hazelnut Bar (30mg)




(1 doughnut unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)

    King Arthur Flour Buttermilk Doughnut, 1/4 cup (70mg)
    Entemann’s Mini Frosted, 1.1 oz (90mg)
      Pop’ettes Glazed Cruller, 1.6 oz (2) (140mg)


French Toast (Frozen/Refrigerated)


Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Ian’s Wheat Free/Gluten Free French Toast Sticks, 2 oz (4) (70mg)


Muffins & Scones


(1 muffin or scone unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Isabella’s Healthy Bakery
      Fat Free Chocolate, 3.9 oz (110mg)
      Fat Free Mt Blueberry or Fat Free Blueberry, 3.9 oz (120mg)
      Fat Free Cinnamon Apple, 3.9 oz (130mg)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Bernard Cornbread & Muffin, 2 oz (20mg)
    The Cravings Place Double Choc Chunk Cookie & Muffin (30mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Flax Z Snax / Natural Supreme
      Quick Bread & Muffin Blueberrylicious (120mg)
    Gluten-Free Pantry Muffin & Scone (120mg)
    Iveta Gourmet Lemon Poppy Seed (95mg)
      Apricot White Choc (125mg)
      Choc Cherry (125mg)
      Blueberry (125mg)
      Double Dutch Choc (130mg)   
      Cranberry Spice (135mg)
    King Arthur Flour
      Apricot Cheese Muffin/Quick Bread (90mg)
      Maple Walnut Muffin/Quick Bread (105mg)
      Apple-Cinnamon Whole Grain (115mg)
      Buttermilk Bran Whole Grain (125mg)
      Cranberry-Orange (130mg)
      Blueberry Whole Grain (130mg)
    Martha’s Cranberry Orange (120mg)
    Pantry Shelf Cinnamon Fudge, 1.5 oz (60mg)
      Golden Pumpkin, 1.5 oz (75mg)
      Blueberries ‘N’ Cream, 1.5 oz (120mg)
    Pelican Bay Apple Bread Muffin (85mg)
    Rabbit Creek Gourmet
      Cinnamon Swirl Streusel (88mg)
      Holly Day (91mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Aunt Millie’s Brownie Muffin 1.9 oz (130mg)
    Awrey’s Apple, 1.5 oz (140mg)
      Blueberry or Cranberry, 1.5 oz (140mg)
      Petite Lemon Poppy Seed, 1.7 oz (2) (140mg)
      Toaster Rounds Cranberry Orange or Blueberry, 1.5 oz (140mg)
    Entemann’s Little Bites
      100 Calorie Choc Chip, 0.8 oz (65mg)
      100 Calorie Blueberry, 0.8 oz (90mg)
      Banana Choc Chip, 1.7 oz (125mg)
      Choc Chip, 1.7 oz (135mg)
    Hostess 100 Calorie Banana, 1.1 oz (120mg)
    Little Debbie Lemon (130mg)
      Double Choc (140mg)
    Our Daily Muffin Choc (70mg)
      All others (avg) (140mg)
    VitaMuffin VitaTops Banana Nut, 2 oz (120mg)
      Banana Nut, Sugar Free, 2 oz (125mg)
      Apple-Berry Bran, 2 oz (140mg)
      Multi-Bran or Cran-Bran, 2 oz (140mg)
      Blue-Bran, 2 oz (140mg)
      Chocolate, Sugar Free, 2 oz (140mg)
      VitaTops Deep Choc or BlueBran, 2 oz (140mg)
      VitaTops CranBran or MultiBran, 2 oz (140mg)
      VitaTops Apple Berry, 2 oz (140mg)
      VitaTops Dark Choc Pomegranate, 2 oz (140mg)
      VitaTops Velvety Choc, Sugar Free, 2 oz (140mg)

Scone Mixes:
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Bette’s Diner Raisin Scone Mix (129mg)
    Garvey’s Organic Scone Mix (140mg)
    Gluten-Free Pantry Muffin & Scone (120mg)
    King Arthur Flour
      Choc Chunk, 2.3 oz (115mg)
      Cinnamon Chip Muffin & Quick Bread (115mg)
      Cinnamon Filled Cream, 2.3 oz (120mg)
      Cranberry-Orange Whole Grain (130mg)
      Cranberry-Pecan (130mg)
      Strawberry and Cream (135mg)
      Cinnamon-Raisin (135mg)
      Cranberry-Orange (135mg)
      Cherry Almond (135mg)
      Peaches & Cream (135mg)
      Maple-Oat (135mg)
      Lemon-Ginger, 2.3 oz (140mg)
    Lollipop Tree
      Traditional Cream (85mg)
      Lemon Poppy Seed (135mg)
      Apricot Cranberry (140mg)
    Rabbit Creek Gourmet
      Cherry Almond or Key Lime (139mg)
      Lemon Blueberry or Lemon Poppy (140mg)
      Raspberry Lemon Sparkler (140mg)
      Maple Pecan or Peaches & Cream (140mg)
      Sarah’s Choc Chip Raspberry or Snowball (140mg)


Pancakes & Waffles


(2 pancakes or waffles unless noted)
Frozen/Refrigerated (Ready-to-Serve):
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Golden Sweet Potato Pancakes, 1.4 oz (1) (20mg)
    LaNouba Low Carb Belgian Waffles
      Choc or Coffe (1mg)
      Vanilla (2mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Dr Praeger’s Sweet Potato Pancake, 2 oz (140mg)
    Kineret Potato Latke (1) (115mg)
    Organic Batter Blaster Pancake Batter, 1/4 cup (3) (95mg)
    Sunrise Microwaveable Pancakes, 1 (70mg)
    Tio Pepe’s Churro Waffle Sticks, 1 oz (100mg)

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Gefen Potato Pancake Latke, Salt Free (20mg)
    Heidi’s FF Cottage Cheese Pancake, 1/4 cup (0mg)
     Sweet N’Low Pancake (20mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Arrowhead Mills Pancake & Waffle Mixes
      Wild Rice, 1/4 cup (70mg)
      Oat Bran, 1/4 cup (75mg)
    King Arthur Flour Banana-Buttermilk Whole Grain (140mg)
    New Hope Mills Pancake & Waffle, 1/4 cup (120mg)
    Streits Low Sodium Potato Pancake (140mg)
    Toro Waffle & Pancake Celiac-Safe (1) (59mg)


Pancake & Waffle Syrup


(1/4 cup unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Maple syrup, most brands (7mg)
  DaVinci Sugar Free Pancake (35mg)
  Knott’s Berry Farm Fruit Syrup, all (avg) (20mg)
  Smucker’s Fruit Syrup (avg) (0mg)
  Steel’s Sugar Free Country Maple, 3 tbsp (10mg)


Pastries & Coffeecake


(2 oz unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Apollo Baklava, 2 oz (2) (75mg)
    Athens Baklava, 2 oz (2) (75mg)
    Aunt Trudy’s
      Maple Walnut Baklava, 1.7 oz (45mg)
      Apple Cinnamon Pocket Pastry, 5.6 oz (140mg)
    The Fillo Factory
      Raspberry Baklava, 2 oz (90mg)
      Organic Apple Turnover, 3 oz (3) (90mg)
      Walnut Baklava (90mg)
      Choc Baklava (95mg)
    Mr. Snacko Raspberry Creme Filled Pastry (100mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Chébé Cinnamon Roll-ups (100mg)
    The Cravings Place
      Cinnamon Crumble Coffee Cake, 1/24 (60mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Drake’s Coffee Cake (100mg)
      LF Coffee Cake (110mg)
    Ferrara Apricot Glazed Pastry Puffs, 3 (75mg)
      Apple Strip Coffee Cake (125mg)
      Cherry Strip Coffee Cake (130mg)
      Butter Pecan Coffee Cake (140mg)
    Hostess Cinnamon Coffee Cakes, 3 (135mg)
    Svenhard’s Swedish Bakery
      Cinnamon Roll (130mg)
      Walnut Cinnamon Roll (135mg)


Toaster Foods


(1 serving unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Amy’s Toaster Pops
    Apple or Strawberry (110mg)
  Fiber One Blueberry or Strawberry (135mg)
    Brown Sugar Cinnamon (140mg)
  Health Valley Organic Toaster Tarts
    Chocolate (85mg)
    Strawberry or Red Cherry (95mg)
    Raspberry or Blueberry (95mg)
    Dutch Apple (100mg)
  Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries
    Blueberry Frosted (125mg)
    Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon Frosted (125mg)
    Cherry Choc Stripes Frosted (125mg)
    Chocolate Frosted (130mg)
    Apple Cinnamon Frosted (130mg)
    Wild Berry Acai (130mg)
    Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon (135mg)
    Strawberry Frosted (140mg)

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