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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods
Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

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The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites cookbook
The Hasty Gourmet™ Low Salt Favorites

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Bread & Other Bread-Like Products


The following is a partial list of products that are low in sodium (amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis). Additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. Online resources for products are listed in the Links section.




(3 oz bagel unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Chatila’s Bakery, all varieties, 2.5 oz (50mg)
  Controlled Carb Gourmet
    Zero Net Carb, Rye, 2 oz (40mg)
    High Fiber, all varieties, 2 oz (140mg)
  David’s Deli French Toast Bagel (85mg)
  Franz All Natural Whole Wheat Mini, 1.4 oz (135mg)
  Little Lender’s Cinnamon, 1 oz (130mg)
    Plain, 1 oz (135mg)


Biscuit & Popover Mixes


(1 biscuit or popover unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Atkins Cuisine All Purpose Baking Mix (25mg)
  Bernard LS Biscuit Mix (10mg)
  Hodgson Mill Multi-Purpose Mix (0mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Barefoot Contessa Foolproof Popovers (130mg)
  Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix (115mg)
  Carbquik Biscuit & Baking Mix (110mg)
  Chébé All-Purpose Mix (103mg)
  Dixie‘s Gluten Free Bakesquick (122mg)
  Ener-G Rice Mix (85mg)
      Potato Mix (130mg)
  King Arthur Flour Popover Mix (120mg)




(1 slice unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Alvarado St. Bakery Multi-Grain, SF (10mg)
  Breadsmith Reduced Carb Multigrain (10mg)
    Raisin Cinnamon (15mg)
    White or Wheat (15mg)
  Controlled Carb Gourmet
    Zero Net Carb Bread, all varieties (20mg)
  Ener-G Rice Starch (0mg)
    Brown Rice (10mg)
  Food for Life Ezekiel, Low Sodium (0mg)
    Rice Almond (5mg)
  French Meadow Bakery SF Rye (0mg)
  Gold Medal NSA White or NS Wheat (0mg)
  Nature’s Path
    Manna Bread
, Millet Rice (3mg)
    Manna Bread, Multigrain (3mg)
    Manna Bread, Sun Seed (3mg)
    Manna Bread, Carrot Raisin (6mg)
    Manna Bread, Fruit & Nut (7mg)
    Manna Bread, Whole Rye (10mg)
    Manna Bread, Cinnamon Date (15mg)
  Nickles Bakery Swiss Maid LS (20mg)
  Rudolph’s SF Rye (2mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Breadsmith Stollen (45mg)
    Vanilla Egg (50mg)
    Apple Cinnamon Walnut Dessert (50mg)
    Egg (55mg)
    Panettone (80mg)
  Controlled Carb Gourmet, all varieties (70mg)
  Ener-G Light White Rice (40mg)
    Light White Rice Flax (40mg)
    Corn Loaf (50mg)
    Light Tapioca (60mg)
    Papas )65mg)
    Seattle Brown (70mg)
    Light Brown Rice (75mg)
  Food for Life Cinnamon Raisin (65mg)
    Genesis, Sprouted Grain & Seed (65mg)
    Ezekiel, Sprouted 7 Grain (75mg)
    Genesis, Sesame (80mg)
  Healthy Life 40 Calories, 6 Net Carbs, Flaxseed (80mg)
  Irene’s Health Bakery White Lo-Carb (55mg)
    German Rye Lo-Carb (55mg)
  Jacobsen’s Snack Toast (45mg)
  Montana Mills Sunflower Millet (65mg)
    Cinnamon Raisin Walnut (70mg)
    Cranberry Orange (70mg)
    Multigrain or Woodstock (avg) (70mg)
    Raspberry Cheese Danish (70mg)
    Apple Raisin Challah (75mg)
    Blueberry Cobbler (75mg)
    Blueberry Cheese Danish (75mg)
    Blueberry Pancake (75mg)
    German Fruit/Nut Stollen or Sticky Bun (75mg)
    Maple Raisin Walnut (75mg)
    Red, White & Blue Cobbler (75mg)
    King’s Cake (75mg)
    Honey Whole Wheat (80mg)
  Natural Ovens Weight Sense Right Wheat (65mg)
  Pepperidge Farm
    Party Dark Pumpernickel (64mg)
    Reduced Sodium 100% Whole Wheat (65mg)
    Small Slice Whole Grain Whole Wheat (70mg)
    Small Slice Whole Grain 15 Grain (75mg)
    Reduced Sodium Original White (75mg)
    Very Thin 100% Whole Wheat, 1 slice (77mg)
  Sami’s Bakery Flax for Life (70mg)
    Slimmer You (70mg)
  Schwebel’s Lite Wheat (75mg)


Bread Mixes


(1 slice unless noted)
Sandwich Bread Mixes:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
King Arthur Alaskan Sourdough (10mg)
      Whole Grain Honey Oatmeal (10mg)
      Dark Pumpernickel (10mg)
      Scottish Toasting Oat (10mg)
      Brioche (20mg)

Quick & Sweet Bread Mixes:
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
 Chébé Cinnamon Roll-ups, 0.8 oz (100mg) 
    Flax Z Snax Blueberrylicious (120mg)
     Gluten Free Pantry
Pumpkin (75mg)
      Banana or Lemon Poppyseed (75mg)
    Harborside Bakery Choc Cherry (85mg)
      Lemon Poppy Seed (115mg)
     King Arthur
Irish Soda Bread (45mg)
      Almond Filled Sweet (50mg)
    Lollipop Tree Summer Berry, 1.2 oz (80mg)
      Cherry w/Belgian Choc, 1.2 oz (110mg)
      Pear Spice, 1.2 oz (110mg)
      Caramel Apple, 1.2 oz (110mg)
      Lemon w/Lemon Peel, 1.2 oz (115mg)
    Pillsbury Blueberry (100mg)
      Cranberry (115mg)
      Apple Cinnamon (115mg)
      Date (115mg)
      Lemon Poppyseed (120mg)


Bread & Pastry Dough


(1 slice unless noted)
Bread Dough:
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    The Upper Crust Banana Bread, 2 oz (113mg)

Pastry Dough:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Apollo or Athens
Mini Fillo Shells, 2 shells (25mg)
    Fillo Factory Mini Fillo Shells, 3 shells (30mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Apollo or Athens
      Shredded Fillo Dough (Kataifi), 2 oz (115mg)
    Fillo Factory
      Large Fillo Shells, 1 shell (55mg)
      Kataifi, 2 oz (140mg)
    Kineret Puff Pastry, 2 oz (110mg)




(0.5 oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Stella D’oro SF, 0.4 oz (0mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Angonoa’s Deli-Style Garlic Sesame (80mg)
  Safeway Select
    Toasted or Parmesan Grissini, 2 (87mg)
  Stella D’oro Original, 0.4 oz (40mg)
    Sesame, 0.4 oz (45mg)
    Mini, Original, 0.6 oz (65mg)
    Mini, Sesame, 0.6 oz (75mg)
  Toufayan Sesame or Whole Wheat (80mg)


Buns, Croissants & Dinner Rolls


(1 bun or roll unless noted)
Sandwich Buns & Rolls:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)

    Ener-G Brown Rice Hamburger (30mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
      Organic Hamburger or Hot Dog (115mg)
    Cobblestone Mill Mini Sandwich (130mg)
    Controlled Carb Gourmet Hamburger & Hot Dog (70mg)
    Get Healthy America!
      Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns (120mg)
    Irene’s Bakery Low-Carb Buns (60mg)
    Natural Ovens Better Wheat Buns (140mg)
    Nature’s Own Butter Sandwich Buns (115mg)
    Sami’s Bakery
      Millet & Flax Hamburger Buns (90mg)
      Millet & Flax Hot Dog Buns (90mg)

Dinner Rolls (Shelf-Stable):
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)  
    Breadsmith Hot Cross Buns, 1 oz (101mg)
    Cobblestone Mill Pistolettes (115mg)
   Controlled Carb Gourmet Healthy Source French Rolls (15mg)
    Ener-G Tapioca Dinner (125mg)
   French Meadow Bakery
    Sprouted Peasant, 2 oz (105mg)
   King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (80mg)
    Honey Wheat Rolls (95mg)
    Savory Butter Rolls (115mg)
   Mrs Baird’s Dinner Rolls (110mg)
   Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Dinner (80mg)
   Pepperidge Farms Parkerhouse Dinner (95mg)
   Schwebel’s Country Potato Minis (120mg)




Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Crepe, 1, most brands (60mg)


English Muffins


(1 muffin unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Food for Life Genesis 1:29 (140mg)
  Gold Medal Premium (110mg)
  Mediterranean Sweet Muffins (125mg)


Pita & Pocket Breads


(1 pita or pocket unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Aladdin’s Mini Plain Pocket Pita (140mg)
  Atie’s Bakery Pocket Pita
    Sesame, Onion or White (60mg)
    Whole Wheat (60mg)
  Damascus Bakeries Plain Pita, Salt Free (0mg)
    Mini Pita, Whole Wheat or Plain (75mg)
  Joseph’s Soy Protein Pita, 1/2 (130mg)
    Sandwich Size (130mg)
  Kangaroo Sandwich Pockets, Whole Grain (100mg)
    Salad Pockets, Wheat (140mg)
    Salad Pockets, White (140mg)
  King of Pita Gyro Pita (110mg)
  Toufayan Pita Bread, Whole Wheat (130mg)


Wraps, Flatbread & Other Roll-up Breads


(1 wrap or flatbread unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Little Chief Fry Bread (105mg)

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Garden City Foods Lavash, White (20mg)
      Whole Wheat (30mg)
    Nu-World Foods Amaranth Flatbread
      Sorghum (11mg)
      Buckwheat (12mg)
      Garbanzo (13mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Boghosian Valley Bread White Lavash (125mg)
    Santa Fe Flatbread Co Garlic Onion (75mg)
      Tomato Oregano (80mg)
    Tumaro’s Soy-full Heart Flatbread
      8 Grain ‘N Soy (60mg)
      Apple Cinnamon (65mg)
      Wheat, Soy & Flax (65mg)

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