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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods
Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

2nd Edition

The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites cookbook
The Hasty Gourmetô Low Salt Favorites

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The following is a partial list of products that are low in sodium (amount of sodium per serving is in parenthesis). Additional products and nutritional information can be found in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods. Online resources for products are listed in the Links section.


Alcoholic Beverages


(12 fl oz unless noted)
Beer & Ale:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Beer, regular, most brands (14mg)
    Beer, non-alcoholic, most brands (10mg)
    Beer, light, most brands (14mg)

Liquor & Spirits:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Distilled, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, 1 oz (0mg)
    Creme de menthe, 1 oz (2mg)
    Coffee liqueur, 1 oz (3mg)
    Coffee liqueur w/cream, 1 oz (29mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Daiquiri, canned, 6.8 fl oz (83mg)
    Whiskey sour, canned, 6.8 fl oz (92mg)(14mg)

Wine & Champagne:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Sake, 3.5 fl oz (2mg)
    Red wine, 3.5 fl oz (4mg)
    White wine and champagne (avg), 3.5 fl oz (5mg)   
    Dessert wine, sweet, 3.5 fl oz (9mg)


Cocktail Mixers


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Bacardi Real Fruit Mixers, Pina Colada (20mg)
    Trader Vic's Tom & Jerry Batter, 1 tbsp (20mg)
      Hot Butter Rum Batter, 2 tsp (20mg)
    Island Delites Low Carb Mixes, all (5mg)
    Daiquiri mix, most brands (0mg)
    Margarita mix, most brands (0mg)
    Finest Call
      Mai Tai Mix (0mg)
      Cosmopolitan Martini Mix (5mg)
      Tom Collins Mix (10mg)
      Sweet & Sour Mix (10mg)
      Pina Colada Mix (20mg)
    Major Peters Pina Colada Mix (31mg)
    Rose's Mojito Cocktail Mix (0mg)


Cocoa & Other Hot Drinks


(1 serving unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Ah! Alaska Organic Cocoa Mix (0mg)
    Organic Cocoa Mix, Low Fat (20mg)
  Caffe D'Amore Sipping Chocolate (0mg)
  Carlos V Chocolate Flavored Drink Mix (0mg)
  Droste Cocoa (35mg)
  Equal Exchange Drinking Chocolate (0mg)
    Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix (0mg)
  General Foods Int'l Vanilla Creme (25mg)
  Giradelli Hot Chocolate Mix (avg), most (0mg)
    Double Chocolate (30mg)
  Nestle Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Drink (0mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Big Train Low Carb Hot Chocolate Mix (55mg)
  Caffe DíAmore
    Bellagio White Hot Chocolate (40mg)
    Latin Blends Dulce de Leche (50mg)
    Latin Blends Mexican Spiced Cocoa (50mg)
  CarbSmart Sugar Free Hot Cocoa (60mg)
  Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa Mix (60mg)
  General Foods Int'l Vanilla Creme, Sugar Free (60mg)
  Giradelli Ground Chocolate & Cocoa (60mg)
  Hershey's Dark Cocoa (60mg)


Coffee & Coffee-Flavored Drinks


(8 fl oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Coffee, brewed or instant, 6 fl oz (4mg)
    Espresso, 6 fl oz (25mg)

Coffee-Flavored Drink Mixes:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Cafe Bustelo
      Cappuccino Classic or French Vanilla (15mg)
      Cappuccino Decaf (20mg)
      Cappuccino Mocha (35mg)
    Caffe DíAmore
Frappe Freeze, Choc Chunk (0mg)
      Frappe Freeze, Latte (0mg)
      Bellagio Mocha, most (15mg)
      Classic Blends, Espressimo Sugarless (20mg)
      Frappe Freeze, Mocha Freeze (35mg)
    Caffe DíVita Cappuccino Mixes
      Mint Mocha (20mg)
      Pumpkin Spice (20mg)
      White Choc (25mg)
      Caramel or Hazelnut (30mg)
      Cinnamon Mocha or Irish Cream (30mg)
      Mocha (30mg)
      White Choc Raspberry (30mg)
      French Vanilla (30mg)
    General Foods International
      Cappuccino Cooler, all flavors (0mg)
      Viennese Chocolate Cafe (25mg)
      Dark Mayan Chocolate (30mg)
      Swiss White Chocolate (30mg)
      Suisse Mocha (30mg)
      Suisse Mocha, Sugar Free or Decaf (30mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
Cafe Bustelo Cappuccino Sugar Free (45mg)
    Caffe DíAmore
      Frappe Freeze, Coffee Toffee (45mg)
      Barista, Dark Choc (45mg)
      Bellagio Mocha, Caffe Bianca (50mg)
      Classic Blends, Espressimo, Reg or Decaf (50mg)
      Frappe Freeze, Cookies & Cream (55mg)
    Caffe DíVita
      Cappuccino, Orange Mocha (40mg)
      Cappuccino, English Toffee (60mg)
      Cappuccino, French Vanilla Sugar Free (60mg)
      Cappuccino, Mocha Sugar Free (60mg)
      Blended Ice Coffee, Coffee Latte (50mg)
      Blended Ice Coffee, Double Mocha Latte (55mg)
    General Foods International
      Suisse Mocha (40mg)
      Italian Cappuccino (45mg)
      100 Calorie Cappuccino Cafe Mocha (45mg)
      100 Calorie Cappuccino French Vanilla (50mg)
      French Vanilla Cafe, Sugar Free or Decaf (50mg)
      Creme Caramel (50mg)
      Hazelnut Belgian Cafe (55mg)
      French Vanilla Nut (55mg)
      Vienna Cafe Sugar Free (60mg)
    Hills Bros Cappuccino Sugar Free French Vanilla (50mg)

Ready-to-Drink Coffee Drinks:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Starbucks Iced Coffee, 11 fl oz (25mg)
      Iced Coffee Light, 11 fl oz (25mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Mr. Bond Iced Coffee Original, 8.3 fl oz (49mg)
    Starbucks Doubleshot Light, 6.5 fl oz (50mg)


Coffee Creamers & Flavorings


(1 tbsp unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Soy creamer, liquid, most brands (0mg)
    Cream, liquid, most brands (6mg)
    Syrup flavoring, all flavors, most brands, 1 oz (8mg)
    Non-dairy creamer, powder or liquid (12mg)
    Flavored creamer, powder (24mg)
    Flavored creamer, liquid (25mg)


Coffee Substitutes


(6 fl oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Cereal grain, prepared w/water (2mg)


Diet & Meal Replacement Drinks


(8 fl oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
 Chocolite Protein French Vanilla (20mg)
      Peanut Butter (20mg)
      Chocolate Supreme (30mg)
    Nutiva Hemp Shake, Amazon Acai (5mg)
      Berry Pomegranate (5mg)
      Chocolate (5mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Alba Dairy Shakes (avg) (140mg)
    Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials
      No Sugar Added, Rich Milk Choc (60mg)
      No Sugar Added, Classic French Vanilla (70mg)
      Rich Milk Choc (80mg)
      Dark Choc (80mg)
      Classic French Vanilla (100mg)
      Classic Choc Malt (120mg)
    Kashi Go Lean, Choc (120mg)
      Vanilla (130mg)
    Proformix 90% Whey Protein (40mg)
    Slim Fast Optima, all (avg) (130mg)
      High Protein, all (avg) (130mg)


Drink Mixes (Powdered & Syrup)


(1 serving unless noted)
Milk Mixers & Syrup:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Strawberry syrup, most brands (5mg)
    Strawberry, powder, most brands (8mg)
    Carob flavor, powder, most brands (23mg)
    Chocolate syrup, most brands (28mg)
    Chocolate powder, most brands (46mg)
    Malted milk, natural, powder (55mg)

Powdered Drink Mixes:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Fruit-flavored, sugar free, 1 serv (0mg)
    Fruit-flavored, 1 serv (10mg)
    Lemonade, 1 serv (25mg)


Egg Nog


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Eggnog, ready-to-drink, most brands (137mg)


Energy, Sports & Nutritional Drinks


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Nutritional Drinks:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
      Elations Glucosamine Supplement (0mg)
      Grainaissance Amazake, most (avg) (20mg)
      Gimme Green Rice Shake (35mg)
      Odwalla B Monster (10mg)
        Superfood, Original (10mg)
        Superfood, Berries GoMega (15mg)
        Serious Focus, Mental Energy (15mg)
        C Monster or MoíBeta (15mg)
      RW Knudsen Simply Nutritious
        Lemon Ginger Echinacea (10mg)
        Plum Boost or Vita Pomegranate (avg) (10mg)
        Vita Blueberry or Vita Cranberry (avg) (10mg)
        Mega C (15mg)
        Mega Antioxidant (20mg)
        Morning Blend (25mg)
        Mega Green (35mg)
      SoBe Life Water, all (avg) (20mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
      Click Espresso Protein (115mg)

Sports & Energy Drinks:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
      Amp Energy Shot, 2 fl oz (20mg)
      Bawls Exxtra, 16 fl oz (35mg)
        Guarana, all, 10 fl oz (avg) (35mg)
      Big Water Joe w/Natural Caffeine (0mg)
      Elements Energy Drinks (avg) (10mg)
      Ginseng Up, most (avg) (10mg)
        Apple, Ginger, or Ginger Beer (avg) (30mg)
      Glaceau Vitamin/Energy, all flavors (0mg)
      Hansens Rumba Energy Juice (15mg)
      Hiball Energy, all flavors (0mg)
      Monster Mixxd Energy Juice (10mg)
        Khaois Energy Juice (15mg)
        M-80 Energy Juice (15mg)
      Odwalla Serious Energy (20mg)
      Phat Phruit Energy, all (avg) (30mg)
      RW Knudsen Recharge, all (25mg)
      Rockstar Juiced, Pomegranate (25mg)
        Juiced, Guava (30mg)
        Energy Shots, all flavors, 2.5 fl oz (35mg)
      SoBe Energy or Power (15mg)
        Lizard Fuel (20mg)
      Vault Energy (30mg)
        Zero (30mg)


Fruit Juice & Fruit-Flavored Drinks


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Fruit-flavored drink mix, most brands (0mg)
  Fruit juice, all citrus, most brands (2mg)
  Cranberry juice cocktail, most brands (5mg)
  Lemonade, frozen, most brands (7mg)
    Mix, most brands (25mg)
  Apricot nectar, most brands (8mg)
  Fruit Punch, frozen, most brands (10mg)
    Ready-to-drink, most brands (25mg)
  Apple juice, most brands (15mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Grape drink, canned, most brands (40mg)
  Fruit & vegetable drink, most brands (50mg)


Sodas & Soft Drinks


(12 fl oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Canfieldís Diet, all (0mg)
  Diet Riet, all (0mg)
  Green River (avg) (15mg)
  Minute Maid Light Orangeaid (35mg)
  Polar, all (avg) (0mg)
  Specher Root Beer (20mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  Cream soda (45mg)
    Diet (70mg)
  Orange (45mg)
    Diet (130mg)
  Ginger ale (50mg)
    Diet (120mg)
  Grape (55mg)
  Pepper-type (55mg)
    Diet (55mg)
  Root beer (60mg)
    Diet (100mg)
  Lemon-lime (75mg)
    Diet (45mg)
  Lemonade (120mg)

Alternative, Organic & Natural Sodas:
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
Blue Sky Natural, all (avg) (0mg)
      Lite, Natural, all (10mg)
      Organic, all (avg) (10mg)
      Premium Ginseng, all (avg) (10mg)
    GuS Grown-up Sodas (avg) (10mg)
    Hansenís Natural Cane Sodas, all (avg) (0mg)
    Honest Ade, all (5mg)
    Jones Pure Cane Soda, all (avg) (30mg)
    Izze Sparkling Juices (10mg)
    Orangina (0mg)
    Reeds Ginger Brew (5mg)
    Santa Cruz Organic (avg) ( 0mg)
    Virgilís Root Beer (0mg)


Soy, Rice & Other Non-Dairy Drinks


(8 fl oz unless noted)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
    Rice Dream Original (80mg)
      Vanilla (80mg)
    Silk Soymilk
      Nog (seasonal) (75mg)
      Unsweetened or Organic Unsweetened (85mg)
      Vanilla or Organic Vanilla (95mg)
      Light Vanilla or Heart Health Vanilla (95mg)
      Light Chocolate (100mg)
      Chocolate (100mg)
      Plain or Organic Plain (120mg)
      Light Plain (120mg)
      DHA Omega-3 Plain (120mg)
      Very Vanilla (140mg)
    Soy Dream Vanilla (130mg)
      Original (140mg)

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Edensoy Unsweetened (5mg)
    Hemp Dream Original (5mg)
      Vanilla (5mg)
    Kidz Dream Smoothie
      Orange Cream (30mg)
      Berry Blast (35mg)
    Oat Dream Original or Maple Brown Sugar (20mg)
    Pacific Soy Unsweetened Original (15mg)
    Rice Dream Horchata (5mg)
    Westsoy Unsweetened, Almond (30mg)
      Unsweetened, Vanilla (30mg)
      Unsweetened, Choc (30mg)
      Organic, Unsweetened, Original (30mg)


Tea & Chai


(8 fl oz unless noted)
  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
      Caffe DíAmore
        Chai Amore Tea Latte, all flavors (25mg)
      Oregon Chai, mix, all, 1/2 pkt (0mg)
          Sugar-Free Original, 4 oz (0mg)
          Slightly Sweet Original, 4 oz (10mg)
          Vanilla, 4 oz (30mg)
          Original or Peppermint Original, 4 oz (30mg)
          Vegan Original, 4 oz (35mg)
          Vanilla Mix (25mg)
          Original Mix or Spiced Original Mix (30mg)
      Pacific Chai Latte, all (20mg)
  Low Sodium (140mg or less)
      Big Train Spiced Low Carb Chai (90mg)
      Caffe DíVita Enchanted Chai
        Raspberry or Vanilla Tea Latte (40mg)
        Chocolate Tea Latte (57mg)
      Carb Smart Sugar Free Chai Tea (40mg)
Adina Iced Chai Latte, Indian (45mg)
      Bolthouse Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai (60mg)
      General Foods Intíl Chai Latte (60mg)

  Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
    Tea, instant, lemon-flavored, most brands (6mg)
    Tea, regular, most brands (7mg)


Vegetable Juice


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Kagome Autumn Reds (20mg)
  RW Knudsen Very Veggie, LS or Organic LS (35mg)
Low Sodium (140mg or less)
  After The Fall 24 Karrot Orange (55mg)
  Kagome Purple Roots & Fruits (55mg)
    Sweet Summer Tomato (100mg)
    Carrot Ginger Zest (115mg)
  RW Knudsen Very Veggie Untomato (130mg)
  V8 Fusion Light Peach Mango (40mg)
    Fusion Light Strawberry Banana (40mg)
    Fusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry (60mg)
    Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry (60mg)
    Fusion Acae Mixed Berry (70mg)
    Fusion Peach Mango (70mg)
    Fusion Passion Fruit Tangerine (70mg)
    Fusion Goji Raspberry (70mg)
    Fusion Tropical Orange (80mg)
    Fusion Strawberry Banana (80mg)
    V8 Vegetable, LS (140mg)


Water, Tonic & Seltzers


(8 fl oz unless noted)
Very Low Sodium (35mg or less)
  Water, flavored, most brands (0mg)
  Water, bottled, most brands (5mg)
  Seltzer, includes fruit-flavored, most brands (10mg)
  Tonic, most brands (29mg)
    Diet, most brands (35mg)
  Club soda, most brands (50mg)
    LS, most brands (35mg)

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