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Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

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Fast Food Quick Reference


Wondering where to get a hamburger and french fries with the least sodium? Which pizza won’t put you over the top in your daily salt consumption?

Click on the categories below and find the best places to get your favorite meals and stay within low-sodium guidelines. Check out the Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods for additional selections from 68 national restaurant chains.

Some of the information on this page is not current,
updates will be coming shortly.


Breakfast & Morning Sweets

Breakfast Meals

  • Au Bon Pain
      Arugula & Tomato Frittata (210mg)

    Burger King
      French Toast Sticks, 5 sticks (400-450mg)

    Del Taco
      Breakfast Burrito (500-550mg)

      Sunriser Sandwich (460mg)

      Scrambled Eggs, 2 (200-250mg)
      Hash Browns or English Muffin (250-300mg)

    Taco Del Mar
      Eggs, 2 oz scoop (250mg)
      Egg & Cheese Taco, flour, refried (510mg)
      Breakfast Sides:
        Diced Potatoes (20mg)
        Hash Browns (140mg)
        Sausage (220mg)

Morning Sweets

  • Au Bon Pain
      Muffins, Pastries & Other Baked Goods:
        Danish Pretzel (104mg)
        Cherry Strudel (135mg)
        Apple Strudel (140mg)
        Almond Artisan Pastry (143mg)
        Strawberry Puff Pastry (143mg)
        Hurricanes (146mg)
        Blueberry Sweet Cheese Pastry (151mg)
        Dutch Apple Nuns (162mg)
        Choc (190mg)
        Plain (200mg)

    Dunkin' Donuts
      French Cruller (100-150mg)
      Glazed Lemon Cake (150-200mg)
      Frosted Lemon Cake (150-200mg)
      Lemon Filled Munchkin (150-200mg)
      Glazed Cake Munchkin (150-200mg)

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
      Cinnamon Twist (85mg)
      Sugar (95mg)
      Original Glazed (95mg)
      Choc Iced Glazed and w/Sprinkles (100mg)
      Glazed Cinnamon (100mg)
      Maple Iced Glazed (100mg)
      Cinnamon Bun (125mg)
      Glazed Raspberry Filled (130mg)
      Lemon Filled (130mg)
      Powdered Strawberry Filled (135mg)
      Choc Iced Kreme Filled (140mg)
      Custard Filled (140mg)
      Glazed Kreme Filled (140mg)
      Powdered Blueberry Filled (140mg)
      Cinnamon Apple Filled (150mg)
      Key Lime Pie (150mg)

    My Favorite Muffin
      Most regular muffins (100-150mg)
      Lemon Poppyseed Muffin (150-200mg)
      FF Cinnamon Bun (150-200mg)
      FF Raspberry Amaretto Muffin (150-200mg)
      FF Blueberry Muffin (150-200mg)
      FF Cherry Pie Muffin (150-200mg)

    Tim Hortons
      Maple Pecan Danish (150-200mg)
      Choc Danish (200-250mg)
      Cherry Cheese Danish (200-250mg)

Burgers, Sandwiches, Subs & Wraps

Burgers & Fries

  • Burger King
      Whopper Jr.®, w/o Pickles (450-500mg)
      French Fries, small w/o salt (200-250mg)

    Carl's Jr.
      Hamburger w/o Mustard & Pickles (366mg)
      French Fries, kids (150mg)

    In-N-Out Burgers
      Hamburger Protein Style (370mg)
        (bun replaced with lettuce)
      French Fries (245mg)

      Krystal Sandwich (260mg)
      Fries, regular (90mg)

      Hamburger w/o Ketchup & Pickles (370mg)
      French Fries, small (135mg)

      Whataburger®, no bun (300-350mg)
      French Fries, small (200-250mg)

    White Castle
      White Castle Burger (240mg)
      French Fries, small (250mg)

Sandwiches, Subs & Wraps

  • Au Bon Pain
      Classic Grilled Cheese (374mg)
      Riviera Chopped Wrap (431mg)
      Grilled Chicken (494mg)
      Riviera Tuna Wrap (562mg)

      Cajun Filet w/o mayo (401mg)
      Cajun Filet w/mayo (506mg)

    Cousins Subs
      7 1/2" Lower Fat Garden Veggie (350-400mg)
      7 1/2" Lower Fat Roast Beef (450-500mg)
      4" Mini Seafood w/crab or tuna (500-550mg)

      Steak Wrap* (300-350mg)
      Salad Wrap* (300-350mg)
      Hamburger Wrap* (300-350mg)
      Turkey Wrap* (350-400mg)
      Veggie No Cheese Pokket (400-450mg)
      Hamburger Pokket (400-45mg)
      Steak Pokket (400-450mg)
      Salad Pokket (450-500mg)
      Turkey Pokket (450-500mg)
      Hamburger Sub** (450-500mg)
      Salad Sub** (450-500mg)
      Turkey Sub** (450-500mg)
      *White wraps
      **Small sub on honey wheat

      Honey BBQ KFC® Snacker (450-500mg)

    Schlotzsky's Deli
      Classic Swiss & Tomato Panini (500-550mg)

    Sonic Drive-in
      Breaded Chicken Sandwich (427mg)

      6” Vegie Delite® w/o cheese (520mg)  

Fish, Chicken & Other Entrees with Sides

  • Boston Market
      Roasted Sirloin, 5 oz, no skin (250-300mg)
      Orig Rotisserie Chicken, no skin (250-300mg)
      Add a side:
        Cranberry Walnut Relish (0-50mg)
        Fruit Salad (0-50mg)
        Cinnamon Apples (0-50mg)
        Fresh Steamed Vegetables (0-50mg)
        Sweet Corn (100-150mg)
        Garlic Dill New Potatoes (100-150mg)
        Garden Fresh Coleslaw (150-200mg)
        Chicken Noodle Soup (6 oz) (150-200mg)
        Sweet Potato Casserole (200-250mg)
        Cornbread (200-250mg)

    Church's Chicken
      Original Leg (250-300mg)
      Add a side:
        Corn on the Cob (0-50mg)
        Collard Greens (150-200mg)
        Cole Slaw (150-200mg)

    El Pollo Loco
      Leg or Thigh (200-250mg)
      Wing (300-350mg)
      Add a side:
        3" Corn Cobbette (0-50mg)
        Fresh Vegetables, 4 oz (50-100mg)
        Corn Tortillas, 3 (100-150mg)

      Whole Wing, Original (350-400mg)
      Extra Crispy (350-400mg)
      Add a side:
        Corn on the Cob, 3" or 5.5" (0-50mg)
        Baked! Cheetos® (200-250mg)

    Koo Koo Roo
      Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast (150-200)
      Add a side:
        Sticky Rice (0-50mg)
        Butternut Squash (0-50mg)
        Tossed Salad w/o dressing (0-50mg)
        Baked Yams (0-50mg)
        Celery Sticks, 6 (0-50mg)
        Steamed Vegetables (0-50mg)
        Cantaloupe and Honeydew (0-50mg)
        Lahvash, 1 pc (0-50mg)
        Italian Vegetable (100-150mg)
        Cucumber Salad (150-200mg)
        Tangy Tomato Salad (150-200mg)
        Kernel Corn (150-200mg)
        Green Beans (150-200mg)

    Long John Silver's
      Battered Shrimp (150-200mg)
      Baked Cod (200-250mg)
      Add a side:
        Corn Cobbette (0-50mg)
        Hushpuppie (200-250mg)
        Tartar or Cocktail Sauce (200-250mg)

      Leg, Spicy w/o skin & breading (300-350mg)
      Wing, Spicy w/o skin & breading (250-300mg)
      Chicken Sausage Jambalaya (350-400mg)  
      Chicken Etouffee (400-450mg)
      Add a side:
        Corn on the Cob (0-50mg)

      Grilled Salmon Fillet (50-100mg)
      Grilled Halibut Fillet (50-100mg)
      Grilled Chicken Breast (50-100mg)
      Add a side:
        Plain Baked Potato (0-50mg)
        Grilled Vegetables (0-50mg)
        Green Salad w/o dressing (0-50mg)
        Coleslaw, small (150-200mg)

Mexican Foods

  • Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
      Baja Style, Charbroiled Steak (200-250mg)
      Baja Style, Charbroiled Chicken (200-250mg)
      Baja Style, Charbroiled Shrimp (250-300mg)
      Baja Style, Pork Carnitas (250-300mg)
      Grilled MahiMahi Taco (400-450mg)
      Baja Fish Taco (400-450mg)

    Del Taco
      Taco (150-200mg)
      Soft Taco (300-350mg)

    El Pollo Loco
      Taco Al Carbon (200-250mg)
      Chicken Soft Taco (500-550mg)

    Jack in the Box
      Regular Beef Taco (270mg)
      Beef Monster Taco (390mg)

    La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill
      Taco La Salsa®, w/Chicken (250-300mg)
      Taco La Salsa®, w/Steak (300-350mg)
      Baja Fish Taco (350-400mg)
      Taco La Salsa®, w/Carnitas (350-400mg)
      Baja Style Shrimp (450-500mg)
      NOTE: Values do not include chips served with tacos.

    Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill
      HealthMex MahiMahi Taco (150-200mg)
      MahiMahi Taco (200-250mg)
      Chicken Street Taco (200-250mg)
      HealthMex Taco w/Chicken (270mg)
      Original Fish Taco (200-250mg)
      Carnitas Street Taco (250-300mg)
      3 Chicken Taquitos (250-300mg)
      Fish Taco Especial (300-350mg)
      Carne Asada Street Taco (350-400mg)
      HealthMex Chicken Taco (350-400mg)

    Taco Bell
      Taco, Regular (350-400mg)
      Taco Supreme® (350-400mg)
      Crunchy Taco, "Fresco Style" (350-400mg)

    Taco Del Mar
      Hard Taco, Fish (360mg)
      Hard Taco, Chicken (360mg)
      Hard Taco, Pork (370mg)
      Soft Taco, Chicken (430mg)
      Soft Taco, Fish (440mg)
      Soft Taco, Pork (450mg)

    Taco John's
      Crispy Taco (250-300mg)
      Steak Softshell (250-300mg)
      Softshell Taco (450-500mg)

    Taco Time
      Crisp Bean Burrito (450-500mg)


  • Domino's Pizza
      Build a Pizza (1/8 slice unless noted):
          Crunchy Thin, 12" or 14" (15-20mg)
          Ultimate Deep Dish, 12" (110mg)
          Ultimate Deep Dish, 14” (150mg)
          Pineapple or Mushrooms (0-10mg)
          Bell Peppers or Tomatoes (0-10mg)
          Onions, Chili Peppers, or Garlic (0-10mg)
          Anchovies (35mg)
          Cheddar Cheese (50mg)
      Crunchy Thin Crust (1 slice):
        Vegi Feast®, 12" (355mg)
        Barbecue Feast, 12" (375mg)
        Philly Cheese Steak, 12" (375mg)
        Deluxe Feast®, 12" (395mg)

    Godfather's Pizza
      Mini, Original Crust, 1/4
        Cheese (200-250mg)
        Hawaiian or Super Hawaiian (250-300mg)
        Pepperoni or Veggie (250-300mg)
      Medium, Thin Crust, 1/8
        Pepperoni (200-250mg)
        Cheese (250-300mg)
        Hawaiian or Super Hawaiian (300-350mg)
      Large, Thin Crust, 1/10
        Cheese (300-350mg)

    Hungry Howies Pizza
      Thin Crust
        Cheese, medium, 1/8 slice (250-300mg)
        Cheese, large, 1/10 slice (300-350mg)

    Little Caesar's
      Cheese, 1 slice:
        12” Thin Crust (190mg)
        14" Thin Crust (210mg)
        12” Round (290mg)
        14" Round (320mg)
        16” Round (340mg)
        Medium Deep Dish (340mg)
        18” Round (350mg)
      Pepperoni, 1 slice:
        12” Thin Crust (290mg)
        14” Thin Crust (320mg)

    Papa Murphy's
      Thin Crust (1/10 slice):
        Cheese deLITE (270mg)
        Veggie deLITE (275mg)
        Gourmet Vegetarian (290mg)
        Veggie Mediterranean (325mg)
        Hawaiian deLITE (335mg)

Salads, Soups & Potatoes

Main Dish Salads

  • Au Bon Pain
      Garden, small (10mg)
      Fresh Fruit & Yogurt (83mg)
      Garden, large (300mg)
      Caesar (310mg)
      Steak w/Cranberries & Oranges (400mg)
      Salad dressings (2 tbsp)
        Orange Citrus Vinaigrette (90mg)
        FF Raspberry (190mg)

      Side Salad (100-510mg)
      Side Caesar (150-200mg)
      Garden Fresco (350-400mg)

      Tossed Salad (0-50mg)
      Turkey Salad (50-100mg)
      Roast Beef Salad (200-250mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        Honey Mustard (200-250mg)

    Del Taco
      Taco Salad (350-400mg)

    El Pollo Loco
      Garden Salad (250-300mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        Creamy Cilantro (250-300mg)

    Hungry Howies Pizza
      Garden, lrg or sm (0-50mg)
      Chef, 1/2 small (350-400mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        Creamy Cilantro (250-300mg)

    Koo Koo Roo
      House Salad (200-250mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        Ranch or Caesar (200-250mg)

      Side Salad (0-50mg)
      Asian Salad w/o chicken (0-50mg)
      Fruit & Walnut Salad (50-100mg)
      Caesar Salad w/o Chicken (150-200mg)
      Bacon Ranch w/o Chicken (250-300mg) 

    Schlotzsky's Deli
      Caesar Salad (300-350mg)
      Garden Salad (450-500mg)

    Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes
      Tossed Salads:
        Strawberry Fields w/Walnuts (75mg)
        Honey Minted Fruit Toss (80mg)
        Bombay Curry w/Almonds/Coconut (85mg)
        Watercress & Orange (90mg
        Cherry Chipotle Spinach (90mg)
        Outrageous Orange w/Cashews (95mg)
        Mandarin Spinach w/Walnuts (150mg)
      Signature Salads (1/2 cup unless noted):
        Carrot Ginger w/Herb Vinaigrette (40mg)
        Dijon Potato w/Garlic Dill Vinaigrette (40mg)
        Carrot Raisin, LF (80mg)
        Oriental Ginger Slaw w/Krab, LF (80mg)     Ambrosia w/Coconut (80mg)
        Poppyseed Coleslaw (130mg)
        Confetti Avocado Slaw (150mg)

    Steak Escape
      Grilled Salad w/Steak (292mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        Balsamic Vinaigrette (35mg)
        Ranch (137mg)

    Taco John's
      Steak Festiva Salad (200-250mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        House Dressing (350-400mg)

      Caesar Side Salad w/o croutons (135mg)
      Mandarin Chicken w/o noodles/almonds (480mg)
      Add salad dressing:
        FF French Dressing (210mg)
        Caesar Dressing (240mg)

      Garden Salad w/o cheese (0-50mg)
      Garden Salad w/cheese (250-300mg)

    NOTE: Salad values do not include salad dressings.

Potato Meals

  • Arby's
      Sour Cream Baked Potato (0-50mg)
      Baked Potato w/Butter & Sour Cream (150-200mg)
      Deluxe Baked Potato (300-350mg)

    Schlotzsky's Deli
      Bacon & Cheddar (250-300mg)

    Steak Escape
      Smashed Potatoes w/Portabello (93mg)
      Smashed Potato w/Steak (313mg)
      Smashed Potato w/Chicken (475mg)

      Sour Cream & Chives Potato (55mg)
      Plain Potato w/Butter Spread (115mg)


  • Au Bon Pain
      Old Fashioned Tomato Rice, LS (230mg)
      Southwest Vegetable, LS (250mg)
      Jamaican Black Bean, LS (310mg)
      Tomato Basil Bisque, LS (330mg)

      Moroccan Stew (300-350mg)

      Hearty Vegetable, small (250-300mg)

    Souplantation / Sweet Tomatoes
      Turkey Vegetable (140mg)
      Classical Shrimp Bisque (230mg)
      Country Corn & Potato Chowder (330mg)
      Cream of Chicken (350mg)
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